Librem 13v2: Qubes stuck at "Booting from Hard Disk" after install


hey, not working for me please someone help


Just to chime in:

I had the same problem:

  • Librem 15 Version 3, delivered with USB Qubes-R3.2-x86_64.
  • After installing qubes the machine gets stuck in boot process with the message: Booting from Hard Disk


  • I downloaded Qubes-R4.0-x86_64.iso from the qubes website,
  • made a bootable USB (the instructions are given on the qubes website:
  • and installed this new qubes version on my librem.
    Now it boots. If everything works as expected in qubes I still have to find out.


  • Since the librem community is highly focused on security and privacy they are well aware of the fact that qubes is probably one of the os that optimally hits the tradeoff-sweetspot between sec&priv and user friendliness. Therefore, many will want to use it, possibly including Whonix.
  • Delivering a qubes version that is known not to work with librem laptops - or at least not without jumping through major hoops (changing coreboot options, etc. by using terminal in the qubes installer - see the earlier comments of users) is not helpful.
  • I would suggest 3 alternative solutions: 1) Exchange the qubes R3 version on USB sticks for R4 OR 2) put a notification on the purism Q&A website about this problem OR 3) make this information at least more easily findable in the forum. This page is well hidden in the purism forum. It took many search queries on the forum site to get to this page - naturally, no way of finding it through conventional search engines e.g. DuckDuck, searx.

I have also written an e-mail with those suggestions to the purism team.

I am not a Linux geek. I would consider myself a normal computer user but with fair knowledge about privacy and security. I just know the very basics in Linux and I am happy if I achieve to use basic commands in the terminal. So maybe exactly the kind of customer Purism would like to address (high privacy concerns/medium computer skills) …?
E.g. I would have had quite some hesitations to get qubes R3 running by following the comments by other users, because I would have feared to completely mess up my machine.


I agree that this info should be more easily viewable from the ordering page, but here is a post which explains why it’s currently 3.2 and not 4.0.

TLDR: 3.2 used to work, 4.0 was/is being tested for compatibility.

But if 3.2 isn’t working now, it seems like they should make the switch to 4.0 pretty soon.


Thanks for the valuable link! I probably was one of the last customers to receive a USB with qubes R3 because now I understand you are shipping it with R4.
I understand that things in terms of up-to-date versions/compatibility issues change very quickly in the computer industry meaning that it is almost impossible to be constantly ahead of the game. Great job guys!

BTW: Purism support rocks! This really sets purism apart from today’s anonymous corporate world!