Librem 13v3 bricked?


if im right, this is a fresh case as well (sorry if not, its not always a fine stuff to try answer stuffs in others’ name :smiley: )


Not yet: support replied with more debugging steps (which I’ll add to my above post), none of which work so I guess that’s the next step. Hopefully they’ll figure something out as well. I’ve pointed support to this thread as well, and I suggest you reach out to them as well…


with the constant crashes people are having, now some laptops are randomly bricking? Not good.


6 did nothing for me, but 7 actually did the trick.

@anarcat, I suggest trying 7 again. If it still doesn’t work, I’d strongly suspect your ram module is bad.

(At least, I think it was the ram module–it was pretty much the only thing that wasn’t screwed in place, and had two thingamabobs, one on each side, that when pried away gently, allowed it to hinge upward; the module itself had four chips on it.)

@anyone else: The mechanism (thingamamobs) that holds the ram module IN is not proof against having a padded case tip over from a height of something like 75 cm. Now that I think about it, I had my carrying case tied to the top of a tip-over-prone wheeled carry on bag, and it fell over in the airport at my destination. That was apparently enough to jostle the ram module loose. I could very readily imagine it working loose during shipping if boxes are tossed around casually by the shipping companies.


As I just told anarcat, it appears that my ram module came loose. It has a mechanism that’s supposed to hold it in place, but it doesn’t strike me as being terribly robust.


…and lesson learned; travel with a screwdriver that fits the case screws, in case it happens again.


I did that multiple times. I also swapped in a known-working RAM module and that didn’t work either. So either the RAM controller itself is bad, or something else blew up, but it’s not the RAM socket or module, because it works.


My totally unscientific, uneducated guess is that it’s your RAM controller, then…since that would probably cause the same symptoms as (essentially) missing RAM, and we do seem to have had the same symptoms.

Anyhow…you were very helpful to me; thanks!!! I only wish my suggestion had panned out for you.


I have seen, on an older Dell, that if the main battery is exhausted, beyond shutdown. Then the computer would not run off the mains, or charge the battery. Replacing the battery fixed the problem. I could hypothesize that unplugging the battery might allow it to run off the mains.

Is it possible that when you stopped working last, you just closed the screen, instead of doing a full shutdown from the OS?

One could also hypothesize that some hangs are from some websites who have software that insists on monitoring connections, and will not advance without that ability. But one would think that would clear on a reboot, and clearing some histories. But that is a different issue.

Is there an option with a Librem where it could be booted from a USB version of another Linux. I am guessing you did try to look at BIOS/EFI?


Making sure that it is in your checked-in luggage, not your carry-on luggage.


(See this is what is crazy with airline travel security. You can’t travel with tools to fix stuff (ie. a screwdriver) but you can definitely buy something that you can easily kill someone with (a vodka bottle).)

That said… I got the RMA on Thursday, but the process has been stuck on getting a shipping label for some mysterious reason. And it’s not clear they’ll want to do cross-shipping which means I might have to wait another month to get this stupid machine. It’s getting really annoying.