Librem 14- First Thoughts from a buyer

Irvinewade et al:
Thanks for the reply. Yes the camera works, I agree, however if the software isn’t developed, then I just can’t use the camera and therefore, the camera doesn’t work until the software is developed! I waited patiently 3+ years for the phone and when I got it 8 months ago there was no camera software. So there it sits in the drawer until the software is developed to operate the phone. I’m still waiting…

  • Yes the 99/M is not required, to be clear. If you have wifi, the phone operates as a linux device. I didn’t invest in a phone plan yet; not until the software is more mature.

I was concerned about that. Switching to the new Librem doesn’t do much about the ISP problems. Anyone have any recommendations. I am getting off Google Fiber too.

Are you asking for recommendations of the ISP? I suggest to use a VPN. For example, the one from Purism.

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I hate to say it, but I’m not sure Librem Tunnel is a good choice right now. If I understand correctly, it’s rebranded PIA VPN, which was bought by an arguably “questionable” company a couple of years ago.

See what I found out recently: Librem Tunnel and the acquisition of Private Internet Access

Not to impugn Librem Tunnel per se, but I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable using the underlying Kape Technologies’ service.

Edit: I think Librem Tunnel contracted with PIA before the Kape acquisition of PIA.