[librem 14] how to update EC firmware to ec-2021-06-04_ef9fd3c


Finaly … wohooo … I’ll try tomorrow morning :grinning:

I have installed this update and it has worked like a charm! What an amazing improvement to fan noise reduction. My Librem 14 now is as silent as MacBook Pro was!

My complements :heart: :heart: :heart: to @MrChromebox, @nicole.faerber and the rest of the team for all the hard work!


I had one issue in following the EC firmware update steps. The link provided at “Download the Librem-EC firmware update file” seems incorrect (couldn’t be gzip decompressed).

The link that is provided on the page is:


The link that works is:


Note the blob vs raw in the URLs.

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fixed, thx (might take a few for the page to regenerate)

In the page https://pureos.net/download/ the button for PureOS 10 will download the version of 5 July, but in the following page there are newer versions (the last is 18 August)

Is any PureBoot version (17, 17.1, 18) supported with any Librem-EC version?

all that matters is that you use PureOS 10 (not 9)

yes, though you’d want to use 17.1 at a minimum since there are ACPI fixes on the coreboot side related to the EC

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Many many thanks! Also to @nicole.faerber. The install was super easy and the result is great :smiley_cat: