Librem 14 internal microphone

I’ve been having trouble getting my internal microphone to work. (No input at all, not a question of noise.) Has anyone else experienced this? Things I should look at? I’m running PureOS, and have updated. But do I need to update some firmware?

I have checked I’m using the built-in audio system, the input gain is turned up, and the hardware kill switch is switched on (allowing video, eg). Is there more troubleshooting I should do? Anything I should look at to rule out a hardware fault?

(It’s usually not an issue for me, since an external headset is always going to be better, but I just started videoconferencing with multiple people in the room with me.)

Can you do sudo apt install pavucontrol and then run pavucontrol? This provides a more detailed interface for all audio settings. It also provides a switch between using the internal or an external mic.

The internal microphone should work, but other people (including myself) so far cannot get an external mic working :wink:

the problem is external jack microphone is not working even if you switch it in alsa.
it’s because bug in codec driver in linux kernel.

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I’m a little confused by the different conversations happening, but for my internal microphone, I was able to get it to work after updating CoreBoot and the EC firmware.