Librem 14 Qubes Users: Which device is for Wifi?

If you open the sys-net Qube Settings from the Qube Manager, then select the Devices tab, what is listed in the Selected section on the right?

01:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9462 Wireless Network Adapter
02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller


The wireless network controller is not present in my sys-net Qube Settings. I had Qubes installed on an ssd in my Librem 13 and put that ssd in my new Librem 14. Everything else works. Thankfully the ethernet network controller is present and ethernet works. I tested PureOS before swapping the ssds, and Wifi did work on the Librem 14, so I do not know why it does not show up in Qubes. I thought the wireless was the same in the older and newer Librem laptops so it should not need drivers or anything. It should work, right?

Does anyone know what I need to do?

Should I click the button that says “Configure strict reset of PCI devices” in the sys-net Qube Settings? Could that possibly cause me issues with my currently working ethernet connection?


I had to boot the Librem 14 with the Wifi killswitch disabled (allowing Wifi device to be powered on) in order for it to show up in the sys-net Qube Settings as an attatchable device. Then I could see it and attach it the sys-net Qube.

The Wifi killswitch on the Librem 14 behaves differently than the Wifi killswitch on the Librem 13. On the Librem 13, I could start the sys-net vm with the killswitch enabled (blocking Wifi device) and use the killswitch to change states while the sys-net vm was still running. On the Librem 14, if I attempt to start the sys-net vm with the Wifi killswitch enabled (blocking Wifi device), I get an error that the sys-net vm could not start because the Wifi devices was not attached (even though the ethernet device is attatched). And if I enable the killswitch (blocking Wifi device) while the sys-net vm is running, the sys-net vm goes from 0% CPU to 50%-60% CPU, and switching the killswitch back to allow the Wifi device does not make the Wifi device re-attatch.

Could someone from Purism (or someone else that understands this issue) comment on why the Librem 14 behaves this way?

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This is because on L14 the killswitch kills power to the WiFi card completely and on L13 it just asks WiFi card to shutdown.

Thank you for the information. I am glad that it all works now and have confirmed the killswitches work properly.

Hi @dom0. Did Qubes work out of the box, or did you perform any configuration? Is it 4.1? In the first case, could you please help with providing one more HCL report for Qubes OS? Some people say it requires tinkering. This could help to put Librem 14 in the short list of compatible devices.

Hi @fsflover. I just submitted a post on the Qubes forum post you linked. Thank you for suggesting that I do that.

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Ok, I submitted a report here.

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In the Librem 14 using the the Hardware Kill Switch for the wifi/bt results in the whole device to disappear from the PCIe bus.

To quote one of our team members:

Because it disappears from the PCIe bus entirely, Qubes reports that error, because it has assigned that PCIe device to the sys-net Xen VM
and it looks like Qubes isn’t handling the situation where a PCIe device disappears, gracefully, compared to, say, USB devices disappearing

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