Librem 14v2 Wishlist

The main thing for me is repair-ability. It’s worrisome having a laptop that you need to ship internationally in order to do something which should be simple like replacing a screen or keyboard.

For the SD slot, I would prefer to have a full size SD slot, or nothing at all. Photographers use full size SD cards because this is what most cameras are equipped with. So the microSD card slot isn’t very useful.

I also say no to touch screens, hinges which allow the screen to flip all the way back, etc. I’ve seen those components break all the time on every kind of laptop I’ve seen, and they’re not easy to repair.

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+1 on that


Purism can you create/sell a nice GNU-Backpack to my Librem 14? @mladen
Please Please…

  • Improved speakers (just so they don’t sound like the tin man)
  • Normal-ish right Shift Key
  • Repairability (I think Purism would benefit from a Framework approach so they could keep the same chassis and if ppl needed to upgrade CPU or replace something it would be as simple as buy and install)
  • Show the community what their rough plan is for a L14V2 for some feedback?
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  • Integrated privacy screen

I mean technology like HP’s “SureView”, Lenovo’s “PrivaciGuard”, Dell’s “SafeScreen”. It may be compromise on quality of image. But I think Librem users would appreciate it.

Too much lenovo wishes…

Multimedia keys already in L14v1

Why not to have both? or Lenovo already removed the legacy-old charger in all they machine then you want same to L14?

I really not understanding this wishes, looks like L14 already have some of this then you still confusing because Lenovo. May be you want dedicated multimedia keys…

The purism president KyleRankin already explained that just need to reset the brain to accept the new shift key side, to me this shift key it doesn’t affect me

Of course bittner you have the fully right to ask what you are wishing in the next L14v2