Librem 15 Freezes

I formatted and installed Ubuntu and after about a week the laptop started freezing. My next troubleshooting move was to install pureos, ubuntu, kali via USB with 2 brand new SSDs and all the installs freeze during the install process. I could only get Windows 10 to install and boot which other options do I have?

Now during the install the screen flashes.

I’m also unable to live boot into the laptop it locks-up. Worst laptop I have ever bought. When try and live boot pureos I get this error firmware failed to load i915/ski_dmc_ver1_26

My firmware is coreboot I think it’s the problem is there away to flash the BIOS?

i’m going to run memtest all night too

The computer locked up during multithreading memtest.
I ran memtest overnight no errors.

Now I’m getting a black screen with power.

this I believe is normal as it is to do with the the removal of intel blobs and ME deactivation, I see this each time I boot up. So that shouldn’t be the issue. Are you able to boot up from a live USB installation ? I set up PureOS on a USB stick as a backup solution and it worked just fine.

Can you go though this thread and see if any of these freezing issues reported by several users apply to your experience?

I’m not able to boot or install PureOS. I also, can’t boot into PureOS live. I can only install and boot into Windows 10.