Librem 15 v3 M.2 interface SATA or NVMe performance?

How much performance can I expect out of the Librem 15 p3 M.2 interface? Is it limited to SATA III speed or does the interface provide higher NVMe performance?

The suggestion here ( M.2 Sata SSD limited to 280 MB/S ) is that the NVMe M.2 interface is not limited to SATA III speed. Actual performance? No idea. Depends on the drive of course.


Thanks for referencing the other topic.

I don’t sure about NVME speeds, but i only found this thread:

Please, wait for another replies. It can be just one bad case, because we don’t saw feedback from users, which NVME’s works fine.

I’m not aware of any NVMe related issues (performance or otherwise) on Librem laptops. I’ve tested a few different makes/models here (960 EVO, 970 EVO, WD black, and a mydigitalssd one) and all perform as expected


Would you be willing to explain your test setup and post the test results?