Librem 5 advice on changin Wi-Fi BT model

I bought the SparkLAN BT WiFi module
Any advice from your own experience on how to change it?

Take your time and do not stretch the cables. The routing I took is very tight compared to the others mentioned in the thread below.

Thank you. I’ll bear that in mind

Can I ask about order of things

  1. Change module
  2. Flush the hw

Can I change the module and use the old software or does it need to happen immediately or else device Wi-Fi bt will not work.

How hard and how long is it to flash the software?

Yes, turn off the Librem 5 before performing any operations such as replacing the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module. Once replaced, you can simply turn the Librem 5 back on and it will work.

WPA3 is still unsupported, so if your Wi-Fi network uses WPA3, you will need to manually set the network setting to WPA/WPA2 Personal in order to make it function as normal.

Assuming you are still talking about the SparkLAN module, you do not need to flash anything after it is installed unless your version of DAS U-Boot is outdated. I suggest installing the SparkLAN module and seeing if the Librem 5 works thereafter.

That’s clear

That’ll be a great relief

Thank you

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I don’t know that that is necessarily correct. You may have to create the firmware jail. The need for that will depend on how old the phone is i.e. assuming that it originally came with the Redpine WiFi module.

It may not be necessary to flash the operating system but I would still make sure that it is fully up to date before shutting down in order to replace the WiFi module.

Right, I misremembered: I thought it came with DAS U-Boot.

Is that a simple sudo apt update && upgrade
Or is there a more specific command

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Yes, although I use this instead:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

The -y is an argument to preemptively answer ‘yes’ to the installation confirmation prompt.

Note the corrected command as per the previous post i.e.
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
i.e. whether you use -y or not.

And in some cases it may be appropriate to do sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

If you are basically keeping your phone up to date then this may not be much of an issue either way - and dealing with the firmware jail will be more significant if it does not already exist i.e. if your phone arrived quite a while ago and with the Redpine WiFi card.

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Is there a command whose output shows I have the necessary info or am I being to paranoid about this issue? :joy:

Maybe here: New Post: Shipping new SparkLAN Wifi cards with Librem 5 - #18 by dos

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Thank you!