Librem 5 and Australia

I think someone from Purism needs to step in with a clarification.

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In Italy with device/modem supporting LTE Band 28 you will be very soon on the safe side (even without B20). Here is confirming link. I already wrote (somewhere here) why LTE B28 will be introduced within the whole EU region. For example, from this summer, it is already in use in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Rest is up to the Purism (Gemalto/Broadmobi).

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Ugh… Please Purism, (re)consider offering the BroadMobi BM818-T1!


Hang on, guys. There is no official statement regarding the -T1.

One forum participant above wrote “Purism is considering only the -E1 and -A1 variants on ship right now” and other participants have repeated that as gospel ! Unless “jinglersend” works for Purism, it would be wise to get an official word. If “jinglersend” does not work for Purism, the claim, based on the evidence posted above, could be considered speculative inference (i.e. might be right, might be wrong).

For example, one possibility, at the optimistic end of the scale, is that for a small market noone has had time to fill in the table on the Purism web site but the -T1 has been tested and found to work as far as is possible if sitting in the US (i.e. only the bands that are in common between the -T1 and what is in use in the US) so if the table had been filled in for the -T1 there would be question marks on some of the bands. At the less optimistic end of the scale, noone has even tested the -T1 but they will sell you a phone with one (at your risk).

All just speculation!


Well that’s true. @deedend you should ask them if there is a chance of them offering it before you cancel your order (I suppose you probably will).

I am also waiting for the Librem 5 v2 with RISC-V :wink:

Hi all,

We are working to be able to provide more variants of the BM818 modem, including the T1 and the probability is high.


That’s awesome news, thank you!

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Ditto on that, fantastic stuff! Thanks!

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@joao.azevedo, thanks! “The need for 700 MHz spectrum can’t be underestimated” from GSMA (14 June, 2016). 3GPP FDD-LTE Band 28 belongs to the second digital dividend for the mobile service.

That is great! news. Now I’m getting excited. A Librem might get into my hands yet!


Apologies for the speculation! I’ve updated my post to direct readers to the response from the support technician.


I say thank you to have raise the question! Let’s hope they succeed with the T1 variant, for all us poor bastards down under!


Adding a “Here’s Hoping” for T1 for AUS/NZ, fingers crossed…



I wonder how hard it is for Pure to give an idea of whether or not this option will be offered? Others would know more about production requires etc, or maybe they have to buy 1000 of them or something.

Given the approach to communication that I’ve seen I won’t hold my breath. But it would be nice to know, because at this stage it appears that the phone won’t be very compatible with regional Australia.


You should contact Purism directly and ask them. How to properly send emails to Purism

(Most of the participants in this forum are not employees of Purism, do not speak on behalf of Purism, and as far as Purism-specific information goes have access only to the information that they have been able to pick up over time, which information they can direct you to.)

If you have not already ordered then I recommend that you do not order unless and until there is a clear statement regarding ordering for Australia.

I’m fairly sure that resolving that question is on the “to do” list for the Librem 5 but then I’m fairly sure that there are lots of other things on that list. :slight_smile:

I’ve already asked a while ago, and they told me that they were evaluating the T1 variant, to add to the offer. I believe it’s pointless to keep asking, I hope that when they’ll come up with the shipment emails, they will disclose this information as well. Otherwise I can’t see how I can be aware if the phone will works in my country or not…

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If this is a new order then interest and potential demand can be used to justify spending the time on it.

Mmm yeah, I suppose you’re right!

Sure. An email at this point of proceedings isn’t out of line I reckon. I’ll do just and report back of course.

Logical suggestion of course. Thanks.

Email sent. Let’s see what comes back. I hope it’s positive news.