Librem 5: Anyway to get Mozilla involved? Bad idea?

Due to the broad scope and audience that Mozilla has and their claim to be user privacy focused I wonder if there is anyway to get them to endorse this device or initiative. It would be great to see them inform their user base about this project. That said, I am not sure if there would be any negatives to this approach but would be good to hear your feedback.

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I think it’s a good idea. I’d like more publicity to reach the goal.
Mozzila did have some internal SJW internal battles, but on the public side they do care about privacy.
Do you have a way to contact them?

Relevant thread: How to help the Librem 5 phone campaign (beyond backing and press coverage)

Here I read :

Why don’t you build a free UI ontop of Mer (Sailfish OS)? Or resurrect Firefox OS? Or insert-name-here?

Because we want to promote a pure and unified stack, not have a separate mobile OS with proprietary bits or a completely different middleware stack. We want to support the community efforts of GNOME and KDE*, and allow for any GNU+Linux to work out-of-the-box providing mainline improvements that work not just on mobile but across the device spectrum. The Librem 5 is a new approach to use a regular Linux system and adopt it to mobile use-cases instead of creating a completely new system. We do not create a walled garden, instead we tear down these walls, creating an open utopia. A fully standards-based freedom-oriented system, based on Debian and many other upstream projects, has never been done before–we will be the first to seriously attempt this.

You can also learn more about our position on GNOME and KDE further below in this FAQ.

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From Wikipedia:

Pure OS mostly ships with software from the Debian repositories but has all software that violates Purism’s guidelines removed. Most notably the firefox web browser is rebranded as Pure Browser and ships with plugins to enhance user privacy.

Maybe Brave would be a better partner? :slight_smile:
Although, yes, of course, Mozilla has a very interesting user base :wink:


i’ve read somewhere brave is an evil with angels dress, because he make money with adv based on navigation

about topic, i think now that the project is funded there is no real motivation for involve mozilla cause will bring nothing more to the project

Having Mozilla involved to have Firefox working with both the builtin display and an an external display would be nice.

Firefox engine is being rewritten in RUST, making it out perform all other browsers. To be released November 14th, I think. I think they made the right choice with Firefox. I could wish they would adopt Redox, an OS written in RUST, but it’s years away from primetime…

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Having Mozilla involved would not be a good idea for a company focussing on privacy…:

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Linux Kernel is funded by “#SurveilanceCapitalism” too… Mozilla is making a great job and their software is libre, Purism is able to modify the “unsafe” portions of it, like in PureBrowser.


Mozilla didn’t clearly distantiate itself from EME or appeal it (although it’s not clear how everybody actually voted)
W3C DRM appeal fails, votes kept secret (Networkworld)
W3C rejects appeal, approves DRM standard, votes kept secret (Youtube)
So, at least on Windows, there is a binary blob with DRM from Adobe (

Then, there is the shady Cliqz plugin
And some shady donations
Mozilla gives $100k to fund Antifa email

Mozilla pushed back a lot on EME and implemented as late as possible, with a sandboxed approach. Honestly, they didn’t have much choice if they didn’t want to suffer major market loss. The whole W3C fiasco is a W3C issue (especially a shame for Tim Berners Lee).

Also, Firefox doesn’t ship with a blob: it ships with a sandbox mechanism in which you can opt in to download the CDM from Adobe/other.


Found this interesting:

Which is full of bad choices, like disabling safebrowsing which will put users at risks without improving their privacy.

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Bryan Lunduke just discussed whether or not one could/should use or promote a certain product/organization based on things they do, don’t do or views they hold.
He picked Mozilla as an example as there are so many things going on there, that one can think about. Interesting thoughts. So far, I’m still a firefox user, just like Bryan :wink: