Librem 5 battery options (graphene?)

I just wanted to throw it out there…that samsung is working on new Graphene tech for batteries that will make charging 5x faster and i think it’s supposed to be cheaper than standard batteries (though I’m not sure).

May be it’s too late for librem 5 or the tech is too new, but I just thought perhaps the developers could look into this and keep it in mind when looking into which battery types to use for Librem 5.

And actually the RC community has been using graphene for batteries for years, so perhaps there’s already battery tech available for such tech such as the Librem 5?

Graphene is one of those things you hear so much about but never actually see it go anywhere.

Really hope it takes off. But as per your question - pretty sure the answer is that Purism will use the best battery that they can find that properly fits the form factor of whatever device is in-question.

I imagine that if Samsung really does come forward with this new battery type, it’ll be exclusive to their devices for a little while before they’ll allow the individual sale of them to other device manufacturers anyway.

I mean, that’s speculative - it’d make sense, but I really have no idea, I mean batteries are batteries so they may just sell them on the open market right away for all I know. You’d have to ask Samsung’s marketing team.

Lets hope these batteries aren’t too :fire: though, like some of their older designs :wink:

A bit off topic, though not too much.

As @todd-weaver said:

battery life is going to be a concern that we will have better benchmarks for as we get closer to testing our power savings code on the i.mx8m. We are saving the mechanical design thickness decision until we have a clear indication of how large the battery needs to be…

And in case they’ll want to keep it thin they could do that by offering two batteries, a regular one and a bigger one. The bigger one will come with a different back cover.

This is a custom back cover for Samsung Note II, and this battery is as twice as powerful as the original Samsung one: