Librem 5 battery spec : built in or replaceable?

Depends where the thickness goes. If you keep the frame same and the battery cover has bulge in in the middle with the slope , you wouldn’t feel the difference. It’s because when you wrap your hand around the phone there is a huge gap under. What matters is the frame profile, not the back.
If L5 was more popular, we would start seeing these battery packs w/ included custom covers.
Seidio was the best back then. You have HTC Evo and Galaxy Nexus in the pics. Way better design for Evo, because the original cover was clipping straight on the edges and they could just let the battery stick out. It felt just the same for single hand use
Nexus had a smaller opening for the battery and bad placement



I love it. I want one with a small battery that is user replaceable, but a part of the case, and a second larger one that clips on and ejects out. This makes the larger battery hot swappable. The kickstand is great too.

Electrically, I am actually already doing this, but that is because my internal battery no longer holds a charge long enough for normal use, and the USB battery pack connects via USB.


we will soon reach a point when a paper-cut becomes synonymous with smart-phone-cut … cutting-edge-smartphones :wink:


Well there has been proposals for paper thin displays for many years already but no working solution. I would not mind to have a phone like a folded brochure - if it is working. But I’m afraid that is still quite far in the future.