Librem 5 camera software

Sounds good. Would be great!

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Sometimes yes, but ot depends a lot on the hardware. There’s a reason why projects like libcamera exists nowadays.

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hmm ffmpeg?

So we could use VLC as a camera / mirror? :smiley:

I don’t see why not… I’d suggest mplayer or mpv instead, they embed into other windows more easily (default to non decorated).

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Hmm, so it might actually be worse than my OnePlus One rather than better? That would be a pain, as I would have to carry two devices.

Do you have a link to what the specific camera page is? It looks like the FAQ spec list is a dead link now.

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As for my question about the OnePlus One, it seems the answer is likely no (´• ᨓ •`) . Hopefully the camera will at least be able to be upgraded.

I looked in the schematics to get the hardware for the camera, and I can’t find the CMOS image sensors used by the schematics. Does anyone know what is the camera hardware?

PS: Here are some of the things that I found on page 17, but no image sensors:

  • Texas Instruments LM3560 Synchronous Boost Flash Driver

  • STMicroelectronics LDCL015MR 150 mA capless ultra low drop linear regulator ICs

  • Texas instruments SN74LVC1G125 Single Bus Buffer Gate With 3-State Output

  • Nexperia PCMF3USB3S Common-mode EMI filter for differential channels with integrated ESD protection


I would also like to know the type of connector the sensor uses, in case a camera upgrade is needed.

It uses a 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 connector for the camera, but you can’t replace it since it is soldered to the PCB. All we know right now is that the back camera will have 13 MP and a LED flash and the front camera will have 8 MP, so I assume that the camera hardware is decent, but I can’t find the CMOS image sensors in the schematics.

I wish that someone (like @richi, @adrien.plazas or @adzle) who has a Birch phone would investigate what are the image sensors or post detailed photos of the PCB so we can investigate.


Being soldered to the PCB isn’t that big an issue assuming it’s standard SMC not BGA. If it’s BGA it needs slightly fancier equipment (still usually available in most cities, but harder than a normal soldering iron).


my thoughts exactly, we need a proper Camera Software if we going to be replacing our current phones that don’t come with Freedom for the user/owner of the Device. we need a proper camera Software that will enable us to use our Librem phones (i don’t have one) just like everyone else. it would be a stepback if we had to carry to devices. Imagine carrying two phones because the other one has no proper camera software yet it cost almost the same as a phone that has a decent camera app.

Never mind the cost of another phone. It costs more than a digital camera!

However patience is in order. Camera is not the number one functionality of a phone. It could still be six months before you get your phone and during those six months I am sure that a lot of bugs will be fixed, functions added, interfaces polished, …

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true, eish i guess we forget how small purism is compared to other mainstream companies. i just hope that the purism products will be a great alternative.


Some mockups have been shown for a Gnome native camera app.


Purism is and has been working on the camera. It is not true camera “is not a priority”. I still have to ask people just to shut up and say nothing when they don’t know what they’re talking about. Since it can not be Cheese it’s going to be something better enough to justify Purism’s promise. Something like GNOME CAMERA.
I am never satisfied with a shot so I always take the file to my desktop and modify it to something close to my taste. I am positive I will be able to do good enough with my L5 and Polarr.
It seems to be a community supported effort and I bet my head none of the people talking nonsense about it here are part of that effort. Please stop that behavior. It doesn’t help L5. And Purism has no time to clarify your nonsense. I was ready to ask for a refund. I changed my mind after this update and a couple click into the data linked to it. I’m in love with my L5 again!!!


@amosbatto Did you ever find the answer to this question? What the Librem 5 camera hardware is?

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I have confirm that L5 is already supported by libcamera stack framework! which it very nice.


Yes, Purism did tell us the camera hardware. See:

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Why do you have to lie to him like that? A program being open source does not mean it’s automatically better. dachampion is obviously asking about the functions the software will have. Not its philosophy. You know very well that Purism doesn’t have even 10% of the money that Google and Apple do. So to answer his question. No camera software is infinitely worse compared to any Android or Apple phone. And it will never be as good as on Android or iOS. Simply because Purism has very little money.

Samsung also has some of the camera technology patented which makes it even harder for others to develop FOSS camera program.


The development and improvement of the camera software doesn’t actually depend on how much money Purism has. It’s open source, so, in theory, anyone, or dozens, or hundreds of developers could work to steadily improve it.

You’re not wrong about the current state, or inferiority to Android or iOS software, though.

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