Librem 5 carrier compatibility thread


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I wanna have both PLS8-E and PLS8-US in my phone. Are those M2 cards user-replaceable or they preinstalled once and forever? It seems like they are replaceable, but can someone point out to official link saying that?

I would like to buy both modules and swap them whenever needed, but I don’t see this option in preorder page…


Yes, they are user replaceable. I don’t have official link, but it was confirmed by the rep when we talked.


Thanks, Tatatirci!
I’ve also seen some posts all around forum about this topic but there is no official info so far…

So bottom line is how do I add extra PLS8 module in cart?


If not already familiar, here is potentially (on Librem 5) working LTE module in M.2 form factor for Verizon Wireless network user only. For details like Linux firmware upgrade and its HD Voice suite of services support (like video calls over Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Calling) you need to proof/contact yourself (as I am in Europe).


Looks good. Though, it’s unfortunate that it lacks 3 LTE bands for Verizon.


Adding to cart is not an option yet and not sure if it will be. That’s a Q for @nicole.faerber , in case she can reveal that at this stage.
As of now, you need to wait for them to contact you via email (before shipment) asking which modem you need to be installed


I just need band 13 for my area. Band 13 is Verizon’s main band for 4G LTE. Here is my eyeballing of Verizon’s bands and their coverage, based on I suggest that you use that website to see which bands that you might need. This modem covers the top 2:

13: Covers most of the US.
4: More coverage than band 66.
66: Scattered, more coverage than band 5, mostly tracks population dense areas and major roads.
2: Scattered.
5: Scattered.
26: Hardly used.

This explains the use of each band. For example, band 66 is a superset of 4, bands 2 and 5 are 2G/3G in some places, LTE in others, and is supplementary / adds capacity.


I used that map recently. Just these 2 are not cutting it for me.


Just to be sure, does that mean Librem 5 will work in Europe regardless type of carrier?


Would it be a double-entendre if someone’s Librem Five from used the puretalkusa carrier?

(Put here instead of making a new thread.)


Sorry, mentioned Sequans VZ22M EZLinkLTE Module (Colibri = low cost LTE-only) is from the side of the Global Certification Forum (GCF) unidentified, AFAIK. As stated, it is certified compliant with Verizon Wireless Open Network specifications.
And, it is just an self replacement (alternative) modem, to be proofed by those interested in Wi-Fi Calling within Verizon (on any platform and eventually even on Librem 5). Anyway, it is much more about Gnome effort to support Wi-Fi Calling from any carrier like it was already brought here:


From Japan.
If librem5 is compatible with Japanese carriers (I think it is), if it has no Giteki Mark (Japanese national certification mark of wave transmission machine like FCC/CE), it is illegal.
I really want to make sure it has the mark.
Please check out the following thread.


You should officially contact Purism support.


as i wrote in the pasted thread, i already sent the mail but no answer so far :frowning:


Can we get an update on this? If you have IMEI numbers for the US modems handy, then knowing the results from these may be very helpful to us:

Publishing the results to may help too.

I am concerned about the whitelisting problem. Carriers do not like the Google & Apple duopoly either, so hopefully they will show some support soon. I am thinking about switching to AT&T and ordering the PLS8-US. The PLS8 has AT&T’s approval (according to the modem’s spec sheet), and PLS8-US supports all of AT&T’s primary bands. Verizon’s primary band is B13. While Verizon has other bands in populated areas, in some areas, only B13 is available. This is not included in the US variant, and the only variants that support that band do not include voice. This is kind of ironic because one had to use AT&T in order to use iPhones for a while.