Librem 5 concern

This is like a tire fire of a train wreck I just can’t look away from…


see this is the typical response from left wing democrats that have been taught in school that life is merry if only we all got along and were nice to each other. If someone disagrees you either bail out or get ugly. I would love for Librem 5 to be awesome. All I’m saying is that instead of Purism trying to sell phones right now which they are obviously no where close to pulling off, that they should instead release more development phones that others can get hold of and spend time perfecting. Release the real phones this time next year.

They apparently only released the phones for developers 6 months ago and are expecting miracles from everything that is working for free. It just won’t work and obviously isn’t working given the fact that they are demoing nothing but crazy solitare and 1 + 2 calculator. Has anyone seem more from these phones that I’m missing?

I’m honestly wanting to see exactly that the phone can do since it is expected to be released in a month or 2. I would love to buy one right now if someone can show me what it will do. Forget the apps, just basically use it as a phone and take video and pictures. What will the battery life be?

And battery life is something no one has even addressed that I can see. Consider that the primary reason Apple and Google don’t run full blown systems on their phones is because of this very thing. A real operating system on a hand held device would only last a few hours since it is not optimized to save battery life. This is why iOS doesn’t allow apps to run wildly in the background because it would kill the battery in only a few minutes.

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Video calls via Matrix is already a thing. And bridging to other protocols is also already a thing. And… basically the point of bridging is that it works… despite other chats not talking the Matrix protocol.
So why would I want the very companies that I try to get away from to adopt Matrix?
But it’s nice that, in some cases, I can talk to those on other platforms.

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Which is why, as we all know, Android (a real operating system in contrast to iOS), is literally dead after a few minutes of idling.

Ok, so I apologize on this aspect because earlier searches found people discussing the fact that the chip on the phone would NOT work with Verizon and only maybe work with Sprint and AT&T. I don’t have the link so will just drop this issue as I was clearly wrong.

  1. I am most definitely not doing this for entertainment. I started reading everyone bashing the original poster and couldn’t take it any longer as no one was answering his questions and were instead bashing him.

  2. The entire thread has gotten off topic as the original poster was commenting on the phone as it was listed and got for the most part attacked. Instead of just addressing his statements people started calling him a child and other things.

  3. Then for some reason we got onto the type of this company and how that totally prevented them from being able to sell out to another larger company and I remarked that it was crazy to even think that. The type of corporation they filed as is only supported in a few states, is not recognized by the federal government and nothing could be done if the owner decided to sell out. At least in all my years I’ve never seen or heard of a company that couldn’t be bought.

Again, this is quite pointless though as it has nothing to do with the phone. I was only even bringing it up to point out that you can’t assume life will continue as it is forever. This company may start out with grand plans and then fork and go out of business because all of its loyal customers left them. They could get this open platform kicking ass and then all of the companies that they hate write apps for it and bam, you’re right back where you started. Sure you’d have an open OS but you’d have closed programs running in it.

Also, trying to put a tag on all of Corporate America as being evil and bad just because Google for the most part is, is a pretty college’y thing to do. Only kids being brain washed by their college professors into believing stupid ideas would consider this. I own a company and I work hard to provide the best possible product to my customers. I have no evil thoughts and do not take advantage of them. I have closed software.

The fact is, Purism is a closed company as well. They make a profit and they don’t share every single email with us all to know exactly what their long term plans really are. Every company at the end of the day closes their doors for their meetings and future plans. If they didn’t everyone else would just take their ideas and do the same thing.

So, closed software is not a bad thing. Open software generally speaking is no where close to accomplishing what you can do in a closed software environment because no matter how much you guys want to believe society’s only problem is that we don’t hug enough, it takes money to do EVERYTHING. Each one of you have a job I hope and I doubt seriously that you take any of your money and give it away to everyone else so they all have a better life.

SO… Google: They suck, I hate them. However, they are the only company offering the most kickass CLOSED platform for maps. The thing makes apple maps look like a childs toy (also closed) and any open source program, well, there isn’t one. Why? because it takes a lot of time and money to produce something like that and even more to keep it going. So, Google says, we’ll do it and give it to you for free but you have to look at our ads to use it. And all of the world said awesome, we can be bothered for a second to take advantage of that.

That was all fine for a while before they started tracking and storing all our movements. Which none of us were really ok with. They did this to increase profits on their side in order to provide their customers (businesses) better focused ads. This is where I start to hate them as a whole. But what are my options now? Don’t have maps and go back to paper? Or use Apple maps which is a much less useful program but does get me where I need to go 95% of the time. At least they don’t track me.

But in all the years we’ve had google earth not a single open source (persons) have stepped up to take on a project that large and the one project that is running has nothing close to compete. I’m ok with this because I can’t expect people to work for free and usually am blown away that they do.

Look how long it took Linux as a whole to reach a point (in the last year or two) that it was actually stable to use as a desktop replacement. I use it now full time, not because Apple and Windows are closed, but because I think it is more useful. I hate Apple as much as Google but for totally different reasons. The point though is that I can leave them and I have options. This new phone would give us the same type options which we currently do not have.

I want this phone to succeed as I wished the Firefox phone would have. However, rushing into this market will only destroy any hope of pulling this off. Why are we rushing? Why do we not create more development phones so we can perfect the experience before we jump into the market? I can answer that and it comes in the form of money. Purism has invested a lot of money in this project and they also need to see a return. You guys have invested into it and want to see your return in the way of a phone.

So where you see greatness in this company I see products that are outdated and rushed. I would buy one of their computers as well, but seriously, they’re still selling 2 core i5 chips when everyone else is on 6 core i7’s.


Are we rushing? Being 6 months delayed?

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lol, the same reason I wish that Android users could use Apple messages. It is a far superior experience and I can’t chat with them over it. I shouldn’t care what platform you chose to use. I want the best user experience and if that turns out to be a closed system and I trust the company providing it I should use it. But if you want to chat with your mother and she’s on something totally different then well, you can’t.

I don’t really understand why you keep acting so smug making comments like:

Both Android and iOS are operating system, maybe you should look up what an OS is. And Android doesn’t die after a few minutes. Those phone do typically have larger batteries than an iPhone because they do handle back ground processes a bit differently but they do put them to sleep. On linux you can have a back ground process that is actually doing things back there and that isn’t good with limited resources.


when did this happen as their purchase page still shows this quarter 2019 shipping starts.

Any why can’t I purchase a development phone to play around with?


Hey, I’m just taking you literally. You said, “A real operating system on a hand held device would only last a few hours”. This implies Android and iOS aren’t real ones. Then you go on to state that iOS is basically superior (which i can agree to a certain extent).

Yes. But with free software apps, there are people who care to make sure background processes don’t do stupid stuff. And that’s not gray theory. People actually optimize that suff. For apps in other stores, you can hardly do anything about such stuff, which might be one reason for Apple to have these restrictions.

Both questions you wouldn’t have to ask if you even skimmed over the timeline I provided you with. You say you’re an adult, running a company. This implies you don’t need to be spoon fed. Do some research, don’t have others do it for you.

For clarification: I didn’t intend to say that it will be delayed a third time.

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lol, good point. I just don’t have time to dig through a time line to see things that should be printed in black and white on their purchase page. The time line got old to look at because all the videos you told me to go watch of them placing phone calls and sending text messages were so lame as to almost be laughable.

Also by real OS I meant a fully functional computer OS but I see your point as I wasn’t clear about that.

But for real:

Why can’t we buy development phones instead of waiting on real phones? We might be able to work on apps which will improve things in the long run. Look into why Windows phone died so quickly, it was because a multi-billion dollar company couldn’t afford to keep it afloat while waiting on developers to write apps.

And lastly, are there any actual better done videos that show what the phones are doing today? Showing a 10 second clip of the page showing a ringing icon and a sound playing isn’t exactly showing much.


We are posting daily videos of different apps running on the Librem 5 dev kit.

The Librem 5 on day one won’t have the same capabilities as Android 9 or iOS 12 but will definitely have more than iOS or Android at launch 10 years ago. Unlike iOS 1, you’ll be able to listen to music and not require the app to be constantly open :wink:


Why would the shop page state that the original shipping date was meant to be January?

About 300 dev kits have been sold (which you could have picked up in the timeline), and as producing a batch of these is expensive, this was a one time thing (also in the timeline, even in the titles). On the very bottom of the timeline, there is a guy who made some non-10-second videos of his experiece with that. Btw, I don’t get your 10 sec problem. I want to see that it works. I don’t want to binge-watch a calc-app… Also, a lot of things are still rough, so expect the better stuff closer to launch. That’s only natural.

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Wish obi wan kenobi could just show up and tell him “these aren’t the androids you’re looking for”

2 points and I’ll stop feeding the troll.

  1. It’s linux, you got an issue with the software, write your own apps
  2. If you don’t troll Apple or Samsung then maybe that’s a better choice in phone for you

You’re kind of showing up late to the party, then complaining how this party isn’t like all your other parties. Maybe it’s best to just stick with what you have or start your own company because it seems you have a lot of opinions on how this should be more like everything else that already exists.


Also, before you bash me for not reading the time line I’d like to point you to a few things first:

  1. The company website is trying to get me to purchase the phone and tells me that it is releasing Q3 2019.

  2. There are no links I see anywhere on the website for this time line you sent so how is a lay person to find this information?

  3. I clicked the links for updates and such and it just a list of a few videos that I’ve already looked at but no mention for time lines. So before you give people a hard time you should make sure the info is easily obtainable.

When was the last time Samsung or Apple gave you updates on their development? You obviously have no interest in purchasing, so why are you still here?

And there it is, you don’t like the conversation so call me a Troll. It is what got me started here to begin with and yes I’m late to the party. The problem is the company is trying to get people to purchase a phone to be released between now and Sept according to purchase page but it isn’t actually releasing then. It has no link to any time lines and no real info about what is actually going on. So I claim it is misleading at best.

I’m also not complaining about any party, only commenting that I think the party is claiming to be a lot better than it really is and the price to admission is high considering what you’re getting. It is ok for people to complain without being a Troll. Unless you just can’t handle it in which case you should move on not me.

Anyway, we have entirely bashed this subject so will move on since there really isn’t much to see here. I do truly wish you guys the best and would love to have one of these phones to try out. Just not entirely trusting what is going on here at the moment.

lol, small minded people. Throw insults to defend yourself. What do either of those companies have to do with this conversation? And I absolutely have an interest in purchasing right up until you piss me off being stupid. Asking questions and being critical is not the sign of a Troll or disinterest. You most definitely are young and brain washed from too much college… :slight_smile:

about the calculator app pre-demo posted on youtube.
wait till you see gnu/emacs on the L5.
yes you can use it as a calculator too without requiring a dedicated calc-app. i also like using on the desktop/laptop the-replacement-software “speedcrunch(qt)” instead of “gnome-calculator”. it’s got some pretty nice stuff inside. ctrl+n to clear.

Personally I find this approach to device development refreshing. They are taking in way more feedback and ideas (including those expressed here) that any other company would. This is not a standard product launch, to say the least and @cybercrypt13 you are right on about that. It will be interesting to watch and a wild ride for those building this. I applaud their efforts and have great hopes for it. It can’t fail because whatever happens it has pushed security and issues with closed source devices closer to the main stream.
I have a Librem13/v3 and know v1 and v2 were probably not as good as v3 and I am thankful for those who purchased and them and helped get to v3 and v4. This is more investment than purchase in my view.


Have you used kickstarter, indigogo, put money down on a game before release, etc (the myriad of example could go on ad nauseam). Similar concept. Do sometimes those dates need to get shifted, yes. They give the best available data they can to you and as in life you are allowed to make a choice. There is no force to buy in.

Do you show up outside of concerts and complain about cost to everyone? Maybe show up a one of Apple’s directors meetings and complain about price of admission, I’m sure they will spend far less time listening to your opinions.

And if you don’t trust, don’t buy. And simply wait it out.

But you do troll when you bash the apps with out understanding, bash the company and SPCs without knowledge, etc. Where’s your non-stop vitriol towards Google, Apple, or Samsung. Do you spend your days critiquing them on their boards about how their company’s only purpose is to serve stock holders, steal data for profit, etc.

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