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I personally do not like to go fishing, but, I some times stop along the river and watch folks who do. Some times they have interesting stories, sometimes not.


Couldn’t find the PDF yet - just the screenshot, which helped me look for the title :slight_smile:




Seen on slashdot today:

Full text.

Android app developers intentionally delayed updating their applications to work on top of Android 6.0, so they could continue to have access to an older permission-requesting mechanism that granted them easy access to large quantities of user data, research published by the University of Maryland last month has revealed. From a report:

The central focus of this research was the release of Android (Marshmallow) 6.0 in October 2015. The main innovation added in Android 6.0 was the ability for users to approve app permissions on a per-permission basis, selecting which permissions they wanted to allow an app to have. […] In research published in June, two University of Maryland academics say they conducted tests between April 2016 and March 2018 to see how many apps initially coded to work on older Android SDKs were updated to work on the newer Android 6.0 SDK. The research duo says they installed 13,599 of the most popular Android apps on test devices. Each month, the research team would update the apps and scan the apps’ code to see if they were updated for the newer Android 6.0 release. “We find that an app’s likelihood of delaying upgrade to the latest platform version increases with an increase in the ratio of dangerous permissions sought by the apps, indicating that apps prefer to retain control over access to the users’ private information,” said Raveesh K. Mayya and Siva Viswanathan, the two academics behind the research.


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I feel like I did in 2011 when I used windows for the last time installing my first full time linux distro .

Look at that article up there. Android app builders delaying so they can get more app permission data .


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