Librem 5 Daily Driver

Yesterday I tested up-time by turning off WiFi, setting to 4G, and leaving the phone on the table all day. It took 7 hours to drain from 100% to 20%, with just an occasional peek to check the charge status, doing nothing else.

But I think at one point, it lost the network and was maybe scanning for it for a couple of hours, which could have affected the power usage.

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Would you mind to repeat your test? Scanning for network for a couple of hours means your test result is useless. Every phones battery would be drained down in few hours in such a case. But I also trust more in your words about L5 than random people on YT.

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I could repeat it, but I suspect the same will happen again; it seems to be a common occurrence.

Can the scanning for networks be disabled while you test?

I’m using it as Daily Driver, I can guarantee that it doesn’t last more than 9 hours, no matter how light is the usage. In fact a positive note about L5 is that the usage (in terms of phone calls) doesn’t affect dramatically the up time (much less than my old Android, that took advantage of the suspend functionality).


The only thing I could do is turn off mobile entirely. I’ve already done a similar test with everything disabled, which resulted in 14 hours.

And in fact, I’m only assuming the phone scans for the network after it’s lost. It could be doing nothing at all, for all I know.



So you need to use them. Cycle them through. (Each battery has a unique serial number so you have the option of various levels of rigour regarding battery health and maintenance.)

If you are going to use a second battery in order to double your time on battery each day then that won’t be a problem.

That’s putting a positive spin on it. :wink:

That is hopefully a temporary situation.

Are you saying that the mobile network is unreliable where you are?

I think it is even more complicated than that. You are assuming that the state of the modem with respect to the mobile network makes any difference to its power consumption. I’m certainly not across what sleep modes the BM818 has and what the power consumption is in each mode and whether the sleep modes are being used at all and what conditions affect what sleep modes are possible.

That’s a lot of unknowns.

As a blackbox modem, it is difficult to know what exact factors will influence power consumption. If you had a dedicated test rig, you could presumably measure it even though the modem is a blackbox.

Fairly obviously the modem is drawing enough power 24x7 to listen for transmissions from the tower.

I think you would have to be a 3GPP guru even to start to know what the expectations should be.

Just my 2¢.

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Well done for using it as daily driver and thanks for sharing!

No. I’m saying the modem loses connection to the carrier at times. The carrier’s network is good.

Anything in a log file to correlate with that? I ask because then I could scan my logs to see whether I am seeing that too. I have never noticed such a problem but that doesn’t mean absolutely that it is not happening.

I haven’t looked for any logs yet, but I know it’s happening when I find I’m unable to make or receive a call, at which point I take a look at the Mobile settings and discover the name of my carrier is no longer present. Re-selecting and setting the carrier again brings it back. Sometimes the “4G” is still present at the top of the screen.

I’m not sure what conditions trigger the behavior. I’m not too concerned yet, since it’s not my main phone.

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