Librem 5 delivery

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Please see the video below, I thought calls worked fine on chestnut or was that doogwood?

Have the issues in this video been solved?

Thanks in advance


Anyone here hear about the ‘Hackintosh’ PC? This is a real thing, although Apple is not pleased about it. Basically, you hack any PC hardware to make an unauthorized installation of an Apple desktop operating system on it. It’s not easy. But it is possible and several people have done it. A quick search for “hackintosh” on any search engine will tell you how to do it. I wonder if it can be hacked on to a Librem 5 using a compatability layer to make up for hardware architecture differences. Facetime from your Librem 5. What a concept.

Does the video somehow make you think calls are not working?

If you look at the review article that video belongs to, here it says “the Librem 5 handles calls and contacts reasonably well” and “calls are easy enough to make, and the audio quality is good”. The reviewer is unhappy about several things, but making calls is apparently working.


Considering that the test article was a Chestnut, the review had an honest ring to it. I read it as mostly complimentary and don’t think it should be considered hostile trolling. The only part that I think was glossed over was the application package and philosophy.

Although the reviewer laments that his phone could not easily take a screenshot, he does admit that a screenshot tool was added after his review. However, he fails to note that the tool was easily coded in a very short time, and featured in a Purism article highlighting how easy it is to code meaningful apps.

I hope he gets an Evergreen and updates his review


It’s usually running MacOS though, so if you have in mind having features from an iPhone on a Librem 5, it is a different operating system, iOS, that you would be targeting. There is only so much in hardware architecture differences that can be papered over.

I can’t see why you would want a blackbox operating system on a Librem 5 however. Having come all this way not to have a spybrick, why would anyone want to reverse those gains? I get that there will be some functionality from the iPhone that will be missed … but not at any price.

@Photon, you ignorant slut! Don’t you even play the video? Er, um, well… no.

OK, I just played the video. Like the Nixon/Kennedy debate, it played differently on the different media. It did come off a bit more harsh in the video and I suspect some would even call it sarcastic. Still, I viewed it more as “tough love”.

I still hope he gets an Evergreen to test.


Indeed very much so in this case, with the video frontpage saying “spoilter: it’s really bad” in all caps – of course that’s the kind of thing you do to get more clicks on your video – and at the same time the article text by the same person is much more cool. The article actually says the “verdict” is 5/10 which does not sound like “really bad” as the video says.

This is how the clickonomy works, pushing people to be more sensationalist and less thoughtful. Nothing new I guess, but funny to see it with the same author like this, it’s the same person adapting to different media.


regarding snooptube links - it is better to make sure that when you paste the link it’s text remains visible imo.

this allows anybody wanting to open it to just right click it and selecting “open-in-new-tab” or something like that

Hi Skalman, thanks for the reply,

Calls working fine yes, but not when the phone is on speaker phone if I was going by the review, the reviewer seems to suggest that the speaker phone isn’t working correctly, I undersand this is a Chestnut so slightly not relevant as this will be fixed but as reviews done are lacking for the Librem 5 thought I would post it for opinion and insight.


Sorry reC forgot!

good point though, thanks.


Hi All,

Does anyone else have more updates on a Librem 5 they own? Anymore videos?

Any actual call videos? Or anything else?

Thanks in advance


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Thanks Torrone but I was after something apart from the offical Purism videos?

Thanks again


Try this one:

but it’s already out of date.

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Thanks Torrone seen it, rubbish review anyway as the guy did not seem to understand that different batch’s are released and so on, and this is not the finished product.

There is no finished product. Read official statement and watch official video if you want reliable information.


Hi Librem Support,
Any idea when my order will be delivered?
Order Number: # Purism_3243054713
Order Date: August 21, 2021
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment
When I order, the system said it will take 180 days, and now it totally more than 200 days already…
Can I get my Librem phone, or please refund me…


Do not publish your order number in forum…

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it’s a troll, read his username…

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I ordered my Libram 5 in 2021 Aug and I still didn’t get my Librem 5 yet. They are always telling me the supply got a delivery issue. So decided to refund my order last month, but after 5 weeks passed, nothing happened… They just keep silent, like disappear no reply, no refund, no email…

How can a brand just break its credit just for a $1xxx plus order?!

Hi Purism,
Please refund my order!!!
Order Number: # Purism_3243054713