Librem 5 desktop question


Does the Librem 5 support a desktop mode when plugged in if so why doesn’t the web page talk about it more than a picture and marketing the kit? What kind of features does it support? Will it be able to run all the apps from mobile mode to desktop mode? Will I be able to text people from the desktop?

- Image from Librem 5 product page


That’s what they want, but probable on release not all the apps will work properly.


Yes. This is a quote from a previous version of the Librem 5 page:

Enabling the path for a true convergence device, capable to work as a phone, making video and audio calls, encrypted messaging, email, web browser, that can also become a full desktop computer with an option for a compatible keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It can be a desktop computer and phone all-in-one.

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I’m not sure really. It’s a cool feature and a selling point. There was a discussion about the product page here. I think they are just short on time.

That’s what they are targeting.

We hope to develop real convergence — apps that “just work” regardless of which device they’re running on.

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For mobile apps from outside Purism, I would assume everything should at least work but may not be optimised for desktop mode and vice versa.


Convergence is one of the features I look forward to the most. There are other threads on the forum discussing convergence you might want to take a look at. If you are interested, here are a couple of recent news posts showing some of the work they are doing.


Thank you @uzanto and @zero! This is exactly what I needed to know just wanted to make sure it was going to support desktop mode at launch as I am going to be frequently switching from one and another. I’m defiantly going to buy this now.