Librem 5 Impressions

So…just got my phone. Seems heavier than other cell phones, but really isn’t. Mostly because it is brick shaped I guess.

Installed a bunch of my standard apps, brave, vlc (which if I try to type in caps, the keyboard starts to delete). gnome-tweaks doesn’t appear to work correctly or I’d install themes. vlc won’t play my drone mp4’s correctly, and I can’t seem to point lollipop at my music files, but all in all I would say it worked. Software tweaking seems to be the next step.

Not quite ready to switch off the iphone yet, but that’s more of a user issue.


Congrats on receiving the phone!

Try pointing it at your music folder and wait for a while before checking again. I had to disable suspend and let Lollipop work for 40+ minutes to build my music library off my SD card.
There is a progress bar at the bottom of the screen but it’s small and easy to miss since it moves so slow.

Once it got that first time set up Lollipop has been working fine enough for me.

mpv is great for playing music, if you want to use a terminal app :slight_smile:

I’ve found that Livi works really well on the librem 5. Doesn’t use much battery and works pretty well at phone scale.

This should help🙂

Not so much. Tweaks just shows a general page about laptop lid closure, and doesn’t appear to show much else

then, when you turn the phone into landscape, it’s all there. Never mind.

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