Librem 5 is a HIGHLY insecure device!

Yepp, You gave no answer about the REAL existing problems on the L5. This is no challenge about “last words” but on the real problems we have on the L5.


There was a brief discussion about GrapheneOS on the Qubes OS Forum, starting from this post:

The very last post basically sums up my position on the matter:



No doubt blood diamonds and war gold, mined by children, no less.

Guess I’ll have to go back to my STU-3.


Modem on Pixel is mostly from Samsung. Not better and not more worse blackbox than ours in the L5 :frowning:

We discuss not about the also maybe shitty security on the Graphene boxes. We can discuss the problems and security problems WE have… And there is enough room to make it better on the L5.


This! So much this!

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In the very least Purism published the schematics for the phone, good luck getting the same for a Pixel 8.


The circuit is the FIRST good step, but it helps not discovering and fixing issues if nobody looks on it.

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Purism has done much more for FOSS/OSHW than publishing schematics for the Librem 5. Purism released board source files a few weeks ago which, if I’m not mistaken, aligns the Librem 5 as the only OSHW phone in the world. It’s on my action list to look into OSHWA certification requirements and procedures.

Board design files are provided in KiCad format, via translation from Mentor Graphics PADS → Altium → KiCad. These project files can be used by the community to audit and improve Librem 5 hardware designs. Purism is amenable to assisting individual contributors with the alternative formats if they have an interest in pushing improvements upstream and run into any issues with the KiCad format conversion.


As I’ve said before many times: GrapheneOS is a Linux phone.

In terms of the not “letting it go”, I think it’s the reverse. The fact is that the GrapheneOS people are asked about this all the time. So much so, they basically have a FAQ. You should note that the quote from mastodon was a reply to nonsense by the user libremind …


It works here on my Librem 5 on v23.12 with Phosh. pmOS edge is rolling release, and upstream changes can break complex stuff like the call audio setup easily. And, with the number of UIs, not every UI will have phone calls working perfectly, even on stable/v23.12. I hope you opened that issue on, pmOS moved on from github a long time ago :wink:


Good point.
I’m gonna dust off my PSION Series 5 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Purism make REAL Security Privacy Freedom for Librem 5, however either Librem 5 and Gnu Pure OS is FINALIZED and still on CONSTRUCTION. We need to keep Purism safe for.
Purism: Gnu: :heart:


Yes GrapheneOS is a Linux Operating System Purely Opensource. Android/Linux


I use Graphene OS myself on a daily basis, but everyone is completely on point about the awful community that they foster. I can’t understand why they have to be like that, people would only cite some older rivalry between Android distributions that turned into a war, but still – they’re extremely suspicious, unwelcoming, subversive, hostile in a manipulative way, prone to having knee-jerk reactions to just about anything, with holier-than-thou attitudes and generally just weird. It’s a shame because the premise of the project is solid (if you care for the momentary benefits), but their behavior, their motivations, even the donations that they receive are very shady. So you kinda have to live on this barrel full of snakes hoping that behavior doesn’t and won’t spill over to the actual product. But it’s always a possibility because the foundation is shaky. It’s simply how they want to operate, and that bias is necessary to keep in mind when dealing with Graphene OS people.

That’s why I value Purism and their ways, even though I cannot as of yet be a part of the family. We have an excellent community, moderators included, that can listen and produce rational, logical answers instead of letting everything devolve into a psychosocial nightmare. Apart from some die-hard open-source-or-death believers, who don’t appear to be a huge nuisance, it’s just great.

In the end, it’s Purism who have the best foundation and roadmap to break the duopoly for good. Simply building off of a product (AOSP) that can be taken away and extensively modified without notice to be worse than it used to be a version ago, and building on top of a product (Pixel phones) built by a corporation that doesn’t care at all about your (Graphene OS’s) existence is only a temporary solution that’s bound to break sooner or later. So I hope people keep that in mind.

In the end I think this kind of rivalry would get us nowhere. We all need to work together to make the world better for everyone, instead of working for personal gains of power, control and exploitation. Until that happens we’re stuck wasting our collective human resources into space.


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