Librem 5 OS Update hanging


I received my Librem 5 yesterday, enjoying tinkering with it for now.

I’ve noticed that when I go to Store app -> Updates -> OS Updates and click “Download” or “Restart & Update” nothing happens. Have tried rebooting the phone.

… It looks like it’s just a wrapper for a normal apt upgrade, is that correct?


Yes, you can do it in the terminal. But are you sure you have a data connection? Sorry if that sounds elementary, but since you just now received the phone, and we all had issues with wifi in the beginning, I think it should be asked.

Also, Restart & Update requires a double-tap for now.


If I may also add, set the time on the phone.

Then using terminal

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

And if you don’t actually have a wifi connection, it’s probably because the date, time, AND time zone need to be set manually before attempting to acquire them automatically. (Unless Purism has already fixed that issue when they imaged the OS.)

Thank you both for the input.

The phone is on my home wireless network now, on the first boot neither wifi nor bluetooth were visible/available. I do not have it connected to a carrier network / sim card. I can load webpages in the browser app.

I have set the timezone and the time in the top bar is now correct. Initially I expected that to be the reason updates were failing too.

When I click “restart & update” the button flashes for less than a second to “cancel” and then returns to “restart & update”. Double clicking doesn’t appear to do anything different.

Then I think you should do the first update in the terminal. Maybe that will correct the store behavior.

Thanks amarok.

After upgrading from the terminal and rebooting, the Store still shows an update available (only for librem5-gnome-phone now) and has the same “stuck” behavior. So it looks like apt-get upgrades are a workaround but haven’t spurred the store out of its state.

I’d bring it to Purism’s attention at this point. You can either email support or ping one of them here.

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Thanks. If it happens again I’ll reach out in email instead of here.

Just to follow up, about 3 hours later I was playing with the phone and it appeared to crash hard and power off. Turning it back on led to it updating, rebooting, and then booting fully and had a notification “your system has been updated” after logging in.

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Might be the same problem as here:

In that case, might be worth trying this from the terminal:

 sudo apt full-upgrade

That should help in case you ran into the problem with “kept back” packages. Then the librem5-gnome-phone package should get updated and no longer be “stuck”.