Librem 5 — painpoint assessment 2021

On an iPhone, let’s say in a text entry field, the alphabetic keyboard comes up and I type


then press the “123” button to switch to the number and symbol keyboard and I type


then I press the space bar, the space character goes into the entry field and the keyboard switches back to the original alphabetic keyboard.

Is that always what a user would want? NO. Is that mostly what a user would want? Perhaps.

I would guess that the same behaviour could be configured into the Librem 5.

To some extent, as always, you want what you are used to.

Hm, that could be done by replacing the space button with the view switch button, no? But that wouldn’t yield a space (not implemented yet).

OK, so my guess was wrong. My main goal was to explain what the user wanted and why.

If you are mostly typing paragraphs of text, this behaviour could make sense. If you are typing more exotic stuff (code or shell commands or …), it is often not what you want.

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Cheese isn’t even supposed to work with the cameras at the moment since it doesn’t handle raw bayer formats - it will need to be supported by libcamera compatibility layer once that’s in place. Generally scripts for UVC cameras won’t work and that’s fully expected.


Like if you’re using the terminal layout, don’t switch back to letters. Otherwise, if using numbers and space is pressed, switch to letters. Seems logical enough to me.


For anyone who didn’t know what cameras look like (like me until embarassingly recentlly), each camera is basically its own kingdom, requiring special drivers. USB cameras have managed to standardize somewhat and became UVC.

  • PC-phone interaction app (i.e. KDE Connect alternative)

On the other hand, with Android support, I hope we can install KDE Connect.

A real horror to me, that I can’t turn off the alarm, while the screen is locked!
Sitting on the train or somewhere else surrounded by people I simply want to swipe to end an alarm, not annoy the people next to me twiddling on the display. Stressful!
Two times I chose to remove the battery, because the display remained dark while the alarm went on…

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This is discussed above. See my comment: Librem 5 — painpoint assessment 2021 for why this behaviour should be user configurable.

And as @steve says, just turn the volume down. Then you can twiddle for as long as you need.

Thanks for your immidiate reply. I hope I expressed it properly. I mean the alarm in Clocks, not the calendar app.
Meanwhile I will try to use the “power down” option. But on my previous android device the alarm gave the touch option to “Snooze” or “Stop”.

That could be a compromise option i.e. a short snooze option from the lock screen (and no details of the alarm), which would give you time to unlock the device and stop (or snooze) the alarm.

There aren’t a thousand engineers working on this phone. They are literally re-inventing the wheel from the ground up because the old “wheel” likes to spy on you. If you don’t understand that I’m not sure why you bought one.


@raenrfm’s post was in reply to someone else. It was not in reply to you.

Another painpoint to be addressed in the medium to long term: boot sequence integrity.

All (?) the other Purism devices support the Librem Key for those that want the highest level of assurance that the device hasn’t been tampered with since it was last in a known good state. Ideally would want a Librem Key with a USB-C connector, so as to avoid having to carry around an adapter. This paragraph is assuming that the Librem Key would be the chosen solution for the Librem 5.

PS Yes, I know that it’s now 2022. :wink:

At the current price of the L5, Purism needs to sell the phone as a specialized security device because the L5 has become too expensive for most Linux enthusiasts. I care a lot more about suspend-to-RAM and camera auto-focus than verifiable secure booting and end-to-end encryption with OpenPGP smartcard keys, but I suspect that Purism will have to cater to the specialized security market due to its high pricing.

Given the current state of the software, I think the best course is for Purism to implement suspend-to-RAM without wake-on-call functionality for people who want to use the L5 as a mobile internet device, but it is still a hard sell at $1199 (and the future $1299 price hike).


Agreed. I’m going with a degoogled phone for now. Heck I can buy three of them for what Purism wants to sell one L5 if I wanted to segregate what I do on each phone.
Don’t get me wrong I love what Purism is doing and eventually I would really love to have a L5 Fir or later model, but no way I will pay that much for a phone. So either the prices become affordable or I stick with degoogled phones.
And personally it doesn’t matter to me what the reasons are why they are hiking the prices up so high, or that I understand them, it’s still the same dollars out of my pocket either way and I can’t afford to support them in that way.


What Purism really needs to do is get VoLTE working. Without that, the Librem 5 is a pocket computer, but not a phone.


My top 3 issues which prevent the Librem 5 from being my daily driver are:

  1. MMS not working
  2. Battery life is terrible, even when idle the phone’s battery drains FAST!
  3. Charging the phone takes forever.

I have other issues, mostly nitpicks which I can live with but would like to see improvements such as the sound quality of the mic, camera, sharing files, etc. But my top 3 prevents me from making this device (which I luv) from being a viable daily driver at this time.


As you can see from my own list above, I would definitely 100% agree with you regarding the time between charges.

For me, improved camera software would have been a “nice to have” but unfortunately the pandemic made it a “must have” (QR code check-in everywhere).

Partition encryption using the OpenPGP smartcard is something that I would like eventually. Partition encryption in some way at all is something that I would like sooner rather than later (this is just basic theft-mitigation - most of us aren’t facing state actors in our threat model).

I really only mentioned the issue of boot sequence integrity (which is related but different) because you had mentioned it in another post. I just wanted it to be recorded as an issue.

A fair speculation. I would suppose that we will find out soon enough.


These are my current pain points to be fixed before I can use it as my daily driver.