Librem 5: Phone Quality/Feature - Waterproofing?

Stuff he listed above
Definitely Innovation for growing business, not for consumers benefits and ease of use.

I got the same for sale page.

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I would love that on a Librem phone.


Maybe needs to go here: Your Purism products wish list

Would it be able to be done as a plug-in device to the USB port? Is the USB port at the bottom, which wouldn’t be ideal for being a remote control?


Good point. You know I didn’t even think of that! I think I’ll have to go look for USB-C IR adapters…

Honestly, I’d be more interested to have several exposed GPIO pins on the motherboard. You’d be able to build in remote control functionality yourself with a tiny little LED and by drilling a hole in the top of the case. Stick a photosensor on another pin and you’d be able to use that to learn patterns for the transmitter (this might be possible with the light level sensor or the proximity sensor, but I don’t know what frequencies they can see or how fast they get sampled).

Or any one of the other zillion things you could do with GPIO. I have some ideas, but don’t want to think too hard about them if they may not even be possible.