Librem 5 Phone - SD Speed

Will the Librem 5 phone support the SD speed: 104 MB/s (SDR104)? It looks like the imx8m chip can support it.

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Up any news on this? What’s the sd speed?


Because the microSD card slot is using a USB 2.0 bus, it is limited to a max speed of 60 MB/s, but it is half duplex, so you are probably only going to get 30-40 MB/s speeds. That means that you are wasting your money if you buy anything faster than a 50 MB/s UHS-I card.
See: What are the specs of the Librem 5 SD card reader?


@amosbatto, below are somewhat related info from some external microSD card, small one (up to my “taste”), it is just that every (about to be used) card needs to be inserted into the here used SD4.0 external USB-C memory card reader before plugging it into the Librem 5, in order to be recognized (mounted) as read/write media: