Librem 5 product documentation

“This page describes the hardware features of your Librem 5 phone and shows where each of them can be found.”

I am starting to feel like a fanboi again!


Waybackmachine seems to agree it’s pretty new :slight_smile:
Interesting: First Time Use seems to indicate Email (SMTP / IMAP)

Bugs for @david.boddie:

  • Setup says 3FF smart card, while all other docs say 2FF smart card
  • The drawing in mobile seems to be missing the microphone label for the killswitch
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"In one of the diagrams from the documentation, a button is labelled "Power butt", because the end of the word "button" has been visually truncated in the rendering of the SVG file."
I like a phone that has a power butt.


That link requires login, at least for me it redirects here:
Is it supposed to be open?

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You can sign up for it. I can view it.

@david.boddie: Ok, nice :slight_smile: So we have a 3FF smart card and 4FF SIM.
Yes, that drawing. I thought it should be Camera / Microphone

Sorry, my mistake. It’s better off in this issue. That way, it feeds into the online documentation and the pages that will be installed on the phone.

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I’ll check the exact types and update the documentation as needed.

I forgot that it’s a microphone/camera switch. I’ll fix that. Thanks!

I always found it confusing that the smart card was said to be “SIM card size”, while it has a different size than the Librem-5-SIM, and of course there are multiple SIM card sizes:
Therefore, saying “nanoSIM (4FF)” and “smart card (3FF)” is the least confusing to me.


The Wikipedia article about smart cards doesn’t mention the form factors, which I find confusing.

I was hoping it would provide a similar image to the one in the SIM card article, which does mention the form factor, yet I imagine most people would refer to the SIM cards as normal/full-size, mini, micro and nano. :confused:

However, under Design it links to IEC_7810, which basically implies ID-000 is a Mini-SIM (2FF).
I assume the xFF is just an informal (but commonly understood) way to refer to to SIM card dimension generations, which ultimately are also smart cards :wink: .
So, if the smart card truly is 15x12, may be there is no more official way to refer to it than saying 3FF!? :man_shrugging:

for anybody that is confused - FF is Form Factor and the number prefix is 1 for biggest and 4 for smallest size (currently ?)

i wish they wouldn’t make them any smaller or else they will get under my fingernails and be forgotten there for all eternity …


Don’t need to worry about that. Now we’ve got eSIM!

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Not we, they. Or do you mean L5 will have eSIM? 8-o


Sorry, was just commenting on not needing to worry about SIM cards getting too small and the collective “we” as in everyone. I’m just a Support guy, don’t need to worry about reading into my posts too much. I’d have to know something first :wink:

But yeah I personally am uncomfortable about a SIM card you can’t take out of your phone. Haven’t received feedback from folks requesting an eSIM in the next Librem 5, more people are asking for dual SIM than anything.

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There’s the whole topic about it and my personal feeling to go esim. Understanding there could be complexities - dual sim with eSIM + Classic SIM looks like win-win.


I need several SIM cards - not only because I am traveling between Sweden and Finland but also because I have poor reception in some places. At one spot one SIM (operator) is available and in another spot another SIM. I hope that eSIM will be a reality soon as it would solve many problems. There will however be some privacy and secrecy problems with eSIM and solving them is necessary before eSIM can be used.

great now i know when to cut my fingernails :wink:

@david.boddie, In the documentation, I recommend changing “micro SD” to “microSD” and “nano SIM” to “nano-SIM”. That seems to be the standard spelling according on Wikipedia.

Sure. I’ll update those terms. Thanks!

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