Librem 5 RAM upgrade?

you can make it so that the larger files automatically WRITE to the /my-large-files-partition ON you microSD if that’s what you wish. but first do your research.

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I’ll have to read the docs

mind you apropos is there in case you want to see EVERYTHING available but to go through all that is a real chore … just info those you think you’ll need to get the hang of it and when you exercise do it on a VM in case you f something up :wink:

the GUI exposes only the basic stuff so it’s very limited. that’s why the CLI is so powerful. it exposes EVERYTHING :slight_smile:

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Remembering the base commands is something I struggle with in Linux

I remember apropos, but vaguely.

Odd as it may seem, I want to be a sysadmin… :sweat_smile:

in your /home/your-user-name/ should be a file named .bash_history

use it to store your favorite and frequently used CLI commands.

you can write your aliases and other cool settings in the file .bashrc

from the CLI just press up arrow to go through them from the last to the first and hit enter to run them. sudo !! to run the bottom-last one as admin.

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I remember aliasing all of my update, upgrade, and cleaning tools to the word “update” when I had Ubuntu on my old laptop. It’s been a while…

I had pip update, I hat apt clean any files that were residual or weren’t needed by other applications

Flatpaks refreshed, snaps updated

if you’re lucky you can get away with

alias uu='sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade'
you can also -y in there but it’s better if you sift through updates manually and not do it automatically.

so just uu and forget about the complex syntax :wink:

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Perhaps it could be a good addition to the FAQ.

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I added it:

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Or shouldn’t? Very last shipment (EOL production) date of MT53B1024M32D4NQ-053 WT:C and MT53B1024M32D4NQ-062 WT:C was on 2019-04-11 (

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hey where is the link to the official purism instructions on using zram and i am not talking about swap which just uses the storage device i am talking abou the fast memory on the l5