Librem 5 Spotify?

Any way to run a spotify client on L5?

I see there is Spot flatpak/GNOME desktop client for Spotify in the Flathub repo, but I haven’t tested it on the L5.

If you decide to try it, and if it works well, please post some screenshots at List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

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I tried installing it - it does install.
It seems to need Spotify Premium which I do not have.

Do you know if it is possible to install Kodi??

i tried installing Kodi but I got an error messge something to do with held broken packages

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I don’t really know anything about Kodi, unfortunately.

No worries

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i tried the spotify webplayer but got into a wall with some sort of drm-like thing that couldnt change in firefox or chromium in the librem5. i think with chrome would directly work. would love to hear someone who managed to run it.(and how). their linux desktop app has grown so slow and heavy btw, a different lighter app or webplayer as webapp might be more desirable for the phone.

The third party Spotify clients have to use the official Spotify API which only works with Spotify Premium. They want to make it harder for some people to develop an ad-free cost-free client.


thank you
that explains it

ok, installed spot from the store and with a premium account works right away.

nice, but the API restriction is another reason to leave spotify :slight_smile:


I’m not paying them money…


I’ll stick with Shortwave on the L5. I use a similar app on Android and on my TV (via Roku): myTuner. They don’t have the same functionality, obviously, but they work for my purposes (foreign language radio stations).

I used to use Slacker (now called LiveXLive, but they really ruined the usability a while back. (buh-bye!).

By the way, there’s Pithos (Pandora client). See screenshot here: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]