Librem 5 support

Hi All

My Librem 5 finally arrived today! Very excited (waited almost 4 years to the day!)

I plugged it in to charge up (red light is on indicating it is charging) but then I was prompted with “Enter disk decryption passphrase”

Read the instructions twice and there’s no passphrase in there. Also looked online, found tutorials on how to set this up but no-one with this type of problem.

Every time I reboot it goes back to this screen. Is there a way to factory reset? Any help would be great!



I believe the default password is 1 2 3 4 5 6. At least that was what my phone came with. Granted that was the default lock screen password, it wasn’t encrypted (wasn’t available at the time)


Encryption password is 123456 as well. The quick start guide hasn’t been updated to newer software being shipped, but I know that we’re working on it.


Worked like a charm - thank you everyone!


assuming anyone reads this I would like to ask, what does a blinking charging light mean when charging compared with the solid red? My understanding was it was always meant to be solid red.

Check this doc:

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Thanks for your help.

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Usually it just means that the battery got too warm to continue charging, so the charging controller waits for it to cool down - so unless it stays that way for a long time and even when the phone is cold there’s nothing to worry about.


the charger died, I will have to charge using my usb-c dock till i get a replacement.

I’ll have to remember this when mine comes in. Two years waiting here.

It occurs to me that 123456 may look like a printer’s mark on any pieces of paper that may have arrived. You may have to look twice to notice that was a p/w.

From this page, there’s a link to the actual Quick Start Guide (pdf) that comes in the box: