Librem 5 Update Question


Thanks for the direct and precise question. Those two issues are still being investigated, at least as far as I am aware.

There will probably be a more general update in the coming week, summarizing general progress - I’m running late with that at the moment. I expect a more specific response to those errata issues will be published in its own update. That is unless I run very late with the current update. :frowning:


From what I understand, one option would be to opt for the less powerful i.MX 8M Quad Mini:

I hope that we will soon have the final list of the selected components.


I would like to know about the battery issue. Has that issue been resolved? We all would like to know how many hours of use is being projected?


No gnews is good gnews!
Seriously, all I want them to do is make me a phone and make it well :slight_smile:


I think the battery issue is the one related to the two errata that @eviljoel asked about - in the blog post linked to above. So it’s certainly on the list of things to include in an update.