Librem 5 why use Gnome instead of KDE

Because if your look at peoples way of handling tech, KDE is not a good option for a lots of people.
We need it easy, look at customers paying top dollar for Apple setting all up for them, you can download movies free with torrent but pay for Netflix. Bottom line, easy system for all, options for the tech geaks.
And most people are moving away from desktop to mobile phones, so we need a android like system for touchscreens.
I have also played around with kde, xfce and lxde, but it is a desktop environment (sadly not lightweight :cry: ), I spend my time on programs.

Plasma (KDE) is supported by Librem. I run PureOS Plasma on my Librem15 and also a couple of other machines that I use. I have been using KDE for over 15 years now, and find it much easier for people to migrate across to from windows than other DE’s.

It goes without saying that I will be installing Plasma mobile on my Librem 5 when it arrives.