Librem 5 Wi-Fi performance

Just tested Librem 5 wired with USB-C to ethernet adapter: 234 Mbps down and up!


divided by 8 it’s ~ 30 MiB/s not bad so far. how far do you get with an x86/64 from your ISP (no VPN/TOR just straight up pipe) ?

Librem 5 wifi without VPN: 26Mbps down, 34Mbps up
Librem 5 wired (USB-C to ethernet) without VPN: 310Mbps down, 324Mbps up
Regular older Intel laptop (USB-A to ethernet) without VPN: 492Mbps down, 572Mbps up

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yep. the L5 is definitely limited by the lower usb-2.0 bus but it should still go to 480mbps (divided by 8 it’s ~60 MiB/s R+W)

480 is usb bus (controller or host uplink) speed half-duplex bulk transfer. Ethernet is not bulk-transfer (streaming) but packet oriented. So add framing, segmenting and protocol (start/stop) overhead and you should get close to 320-400Mbps (depending on avg payload size) half-duplex or 160-200Mbps full-duplex.

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Here is link to MB0_Datasheet (if needed).


According to speedtest, my Evergreen’s download speed very slow, always slower than the upload speed.

Just now:
My desktop system (wired Ethernet): 383.52 Mbit/sec down, 10.99 Mbit/sec up.
My Librem 13v2 (WiFi): 58.28 Mbit/sec down, 11.12 Mbit/sec up
My Librem 5 (WiFi): 9.09 Mbit/sec down, 11.46 Mbit/sec up
My Android phone (WiFi): 57.6 Mbit/sec, 10.6 Mbit/sec up

I’m running the latest OS update. No SIM card is installed. The Modem and Camera/Microphone switches are off.

These results are consistent; I’ve run speedtest several times on the L5 and get between 4 and 9 Mbit/sec every time, significantly lower than the (many) other devices in my home. Upload speed is consistently around 11 Mbit/sec, which is what I expect based on running speedtest every now and then on my L13, desktop system, Android phone, etc.


how much do you get when you dl this >

Doesn’t boot on my Ubuntu based PopOS 20.04 system. I wonder if the problem is the AMD Ryzen processor, since Purism seems to be very Intel-centric. I’ll try it on my L13 laptop, but that will have to wait until next year… :wink:

The qemu image does not work on my L13 either. I see the grub menu, then the Librem startup screen with the spinning circle, but it eventually ends at the (initramfs) prompt.

what i meant was - how many mbits/s are you getting when you dl the image NOT if you can boot from it …

Sorry, but that makes no sense to me. Why would downloading that image be any different than downloading anything else? I started running speedtest because downloading and net access in general seemed very slow, and speedtest confirmed it. Isn’t speedtest generally accepted as a valid metric? What am I missing here?

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sure but it always helps if you have multilple sources to establish scientific fact-ish :slight_smile:

Been there, done that. :slight_smile:

I contacted support and have an ongoing email dialog with Mladen regarding this.

Thanks for the suggestion though!


Similar results:
laptop via wifi: 50.30 Mbps down, 4.54 up
librem5 via wifi: 11.26 down, 4.90 up

I did a test with (which is a Netflix website), on the same network it reached 12Mbps download and upload, while another phone reached 100Mbps download and 80Mbps upload.

I guess one of the factors might be WiFi 4 vs WiFi 5. I am in a noisy office network.

I will try swapping the M.2 WiFi interface with an Intel AC one and test again for science (?)

Maybe we should try outside the browser as well, just in case if eMMC I/O is one of the bottlenecks.

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I don’t think any other WiFi card will work in the Librem5 since the Librem5 only provides a subset of the normal m.2 Interface with the most noticeable part of those interfaces the PCIe missing which AFAIK is used by most laptop WiFi card.
One of those two cards is using SDIO as the main interface and the other USB 2.0 but I’m not sure if it’s the WiFi or the modem card.
There might even be a chance of something getting damaged in the Phone if you change the card without checking the interface speck quite carefully for compatibility.

Ah, thanks!

I did tried plugging my Intel 3168NGW in, and I suspect there to be a lack of device driver, without realizing that the M.2 is lacking of PCIe interface. The WiFi interface is using SDIO and the LTE should be on the contrary.

Did support come back with anything helpful on this?

Although my service is nowhere near as fast as yours on the download, I’m seeing similar results in that the download speed on the Librem 5 is always notably lower than the upload.

Laptop (WiFi) 68~74Mb/s down, 16~19Mb/s down
Librem 5 (WiFi) 8~9.5Mb/s down, 15~19Mbs down

I’ve provided a range as I’ve ran the tests a few times on different occasions and these are the min/max rates observed.

For me, it looks like the Librem 5 is capable of making use of 100% of available upload capacity but just ~15% of download capacity.

After some back and forth in email, they issued a RMA. They could not find anything wrong but after six weeks sent a new unit anyway. The new unit has the same dismal WiFi download speed, so it appears to be a design flaw, which is very disappointing. This is an Evergreen unit; do the earlier versions have better WiFi download speed?