Librem 5 will not update with wifi

WLAN it mean WIFI. WIFI is a trademark, so not good to say wifi on gnu+linux.
So try to connect to WIFi to update the systems.
To do that, open a Terminal and type:
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
the password is: 123456
if asking to press the Y press the Y then Enter.

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Yes try this too @CWood

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P.S. By way of tutorial, sudo stands for “superuser do” (elevate to admin privilege).

And nano is the name of a text editing app. (Other text editors work, too, if they’re installed.)
/etc/apt/sources.list takes you to the directory (folder) named etc, then sub-directory apt, and finally to a file (document, for example) called sources.list that contains the links to the software repositories, which are used by the PureOS store app to find your updates and applications to install.


I wanted to say thank you again for walking me through the terminal process. I had reached the number of comments I was able to use that day and wanted to properly thank you.

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