Librem 6 Look Ahead Wishlist

  1. ~70x120mm screen aspect ratio (1.7 - similar to golden ratio 1.6 golden ratio), i think a slightly wider screen to height ratio is better for user experience and makes it easier to read articles, (currently ~65x130mm = 2).
  2. separate power button from volume buttons, they are too easy to mistake for each other,
  3. louder volume speaker with multiple speaker spread out or recessed openings (prevents blocking speaker holes accidentally with one finger or hand- the following panel like speakers maybe good for the small available volume requirements panel flat speakers),
  4. textured aluminum frame with different rear edge geometry (no polished edge at rear instead rounded) - reducing slide when propped up at an angle to watch a movie,
  5. use structural battery with no extra cover, battery is part of the phone back and body.
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First, the “5” in “Librem 5” is not the version number, but the screen size. The next Librem 5v2 will probably have codename Fir and here is the corresponding discussion:


Which is probably why OP brought it up the way he did:

Instead of honoring that request, you went the “… well actually …” route. Good job.


@fsflover thanks that may be the name, but for sake of discussion it can be any name. So lets call it NExt Phone. With that said the linked discussion and content of the discussion Librem 5 Fir Batch does not address the title nor intent of my post - that post is WHEN will it arrive. Please respond if you have a top 5 list of items you want for the next batch is all.

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  1. Better battery and/or more efficient SoC. A day of light use I should have at least 60% left and a day of heavy use should have at least 30% left.
  2. Slightly thinner (max 13mm), it’s a bit hard to hold for me even if I have large hands
  3. More RAM
  4. Faster SoC (possibly overclock it when docked, undervolt it when running on battery?)
  5. Slightly more sceen estate on the front

These are my hardware wishes in order of priority. The battery part could possibly be significsntly improved by software improvements, but I highly doubt by that much.


This is not entirely true:

and so on. Note that I did not try to say that this discussion is worthless. I think that linking to relevant existing threads (and information about the device name) is important though.


Like non removable battery it is what u say?

thanks for pointing those out thats exactly what i was intending a concise list. Not a discussion- just a short list of desirable future additions or changes.

I would like to see a chip with Vulkan support, developers can make use of. I think given the amount of effort in the Zink project and Rustcl recently, a good Vulkan driver might be pretty useful for all kinds of applications. Especially considering that post-processing for Megapixels is still done on the CPU as far as I know (this could probably be done much faster via compute pipelines on a GPU).

Also if possible I would like to see a depth camera included. You can make extremely awesome applications with that and it would be sad if Linux devices were lacking that.

… which might even make it a Librem 6. :joy:

Let’s go crazy:

  1. More power efficient.
  2. Global modem module
  3. 8 GB RAM
  4. 128 GB eMMC drive
  5. Faster SoC
  6. FHD screen (1920x1080)
  7. eSIM support and/or dual SIM support
  8. Faster uSD card interface
  9. Better WiFi/BT module
  10. Integrated IPU/ISP chip
  11. Integrated DSP chip for voice processing
  12. Cheaper
  13. Edit: Yeah, a second USB-C port would be nice but not at the bottom where the existing USB-C port is.

This may be not so much “wishlist” as “fantasy” but we’re going for it, right?

What I am actually looking ahead to … the Librem 10/11 tablet.


ahhh great point: i was totally going to mention that in my top 5 but forgot, USB-3 instead of USB-2 would be great, especially since the SD card is the one that carries all the images, music or video files, its a little lethargic right now.


Personally, I’m hoping for a Librem 4!


That’s the way I have set up right now (except that there are currently no images) and is definitely a little lethargic. It is faster to shut down the phone, remove the uSD card, load the uSD card from another computer and then insert the uSD card and boot up. That’s the way I did my initial load but subsequent updates have been done the lethargic way.

Since this is a “whishlist for Santa”, I’d like to have an additional m.2 slot. If I’d have to choose (but surely Santa wouldn’t make me), I’d prefer to have room for two larger cards (30x42 or the other could be even longer) if I can’t have three. Naturally with USB3 (which we’ll get two external ports too - thnx Santa). All kinds of things can go in those…
(would like likely mean the thickness would not decrease).

Anything in particular you would like Santa to give you by way of an M.2 card to put in that slot? :wink:


want i meant Carlos was reducing thickness of the phone using various approaches. One is to reduce the gaps between components and the body or backshell. If you dont have the backshell you dont have the gap - the battery would still be removable but with a different method. squeezable tabs, slider or latches instead of the backpanel holding it in place. The battery becomes part of or the entire rear phone shell.


talking about fantasies i was always wondering if it wouldnt be possible to jam a thunderbolt interface into a phone, then one USB-C type connector would daisy chain to your external monitor, charge your phone, and daisy chain to an ethernet modem, attached external harddrives, and maybe even an external graphics accelerator so you could edit movies using your L6 without the need of fancy built in graphics.

You mean like old school laptops?

A Librem 6 would apply 6 inches. If they convert to Centimenters they could do smaller increments in whole numbers.

So a Librem 5.5118 would be a Librem 14.

Oh wait, they already did that.


I hope you can limit the snark in the future. You seem to be actively trying to be unpleasant now, but that will get you banned eventually.