Librem best practices


Purism approach let produce incredible tools that provide privacy and security to users.

But to achieve it we should use this tools right! And if we want to see the world that appreciate these values widely, then average Joe like me should have short recipes to base on.

Librem 5 kind of unique device. And waiting my piece I already try to understand: how to do privacy & security right. I’m an isolation fan (looks like there’re a lot of among purists), and I can’t build my comprehension up: is it possible to make another user, which will be torified. Or torification will be only for whole system. It’s just an example.

I believe there would be ton of such questions. And further: the system looks so flexible — there will be different views on doing things right.

Voices of community are important, we want to learn (thanks for interesting Any complete/exhaustive reference about privacy?). But we need 1) leadership from people who are behind the project – it’s valuable to understand how to make your favorite setups. And 2) clear and simple instructions for general people who believe in privacy to use it, not to provide it.

Would Purism start a wiki that will enable us to use the power of tools you offer?