Librem desktop idea


II don’t want to push them in a risky road, they know their balance and know how do some things cost.
Of course is everytime a point of view, someone feel to be free just using linux, someone else looking for something more like coreboot and someone else, like me, think every god mode components like cpu mobo and firmware must be open.

Me like everyone just write their input, there are other companies like raptorcs who already have their business selling power machines, so if they make money with that i think purism could do it too.

I’m not there to push purism for my convenience, because what i want is there and i can buy it. I’m there because i prefear to give my money to a social purpose company who make an entire line to improve my privacy and freedom, and i also think more players on a kind of product mean better products and better prices.

Then as a guy who discovered linux some years ago and thinking now i’m completly open, then discovered closed firmware closed bios closed arch and so on, is important to let this know to other people who is making my same journey, that there is not just an os or a bios but something more that make linux and libreboot useless considering backdoors on lower ring


In general yes. But several FOSS startups competing for the same customers can also slow everything down. We’re not paying a premium to Purism because they ride fancy cars, but because they invest a lot in research & development and they manufacture low volume. Prices will go (and have gone) down with rising market share, so quite the opposite to Apple, where iPhone prices (first was $499) only know one direction, despite the competition. So, the equation is not always that simple.


Here’s the competition you’ve been asking for :wink: At least if you’re US based.


Just a quick glance, but that looks great!

I wonder what Mainboard they are using, particularly in the large model. Would be very disappointed if it was an asus board like I already have.


Unfortunatly this is not open hardware, that’s just another x86 with UEFI.
Nothing different from a Mac, Dell or something else, that’s just marketing, that make me think they are not a serious company.


I wouldn’t go that far. Still they make machines dedicated to Linux. They just don’t have the same philosophy as Purism, which I’d say is good because that diversity leaves more wiggle room for Purism to grow. So, they are slightly better on the open hardware side, Purism is better on the open firmware side. And hopefully, one day in the future, we have at least one company that reaches the Purism Purist Standard.


I can buy al most every desktop at 1/3 of their prices, install linux, and have the same level of open hardware they are offering.
Imho on open hardware side, there is no difference from purism and system76.
I say they are not serious in my opinion, because they made a kind of cartoon trailer sponsoring “the first open hardware” while this is not true, because i see really nothing open more than what everyone already have.

Open Hardware system is a stack of completly open cpu architecture (x86 is closed) open motherboard (what they are offering is not open) open firmware (they don’t even use coreboot, while purism does), so what’s open there? an useless daugher board?
Just imagine a tribune where the man on the higher spot can watch and see everything about people are on bottom sides, cpu, motherboard and their firmware are on top of everything, so an open daughterboard that sits on the bottom spot, is completly useless, just because all the closed stuff can watch, manage and do everything they want to this data.

The only trustworthy and open hardware pc is the one who is completly open. Stop.

I’m fine if some company do have other purposes, but it’s not correct to say “open hardware” while this is not even close to the truth, this attitude will hurt serious company like purism and raptorcs, that are working on this directions, people who wanna buy system76 pc because they like it, i’m happy for them, but if someone give them their money because they think it’s open hardware, it’s a damage for more serious companies, and i really don’t like it, because with this money serious company could do important things for communities, while wrong attitude just do important things for their income.