Librem Mini v2 for sale (EU plug)

In January 2023 I thought I could use a Librem Mini v2. Since then it turned out that I have no use for it so I sell it. I thought about using it for my home server but in the end I opted for a ROCK Pi 4. I just don’t need that much ressources for my use case and the ROCK Pi 4 works with free software only (with mainline U-Boot as bootloader without any binary blobs).

I opened up the original package and had a look at it. I opened up the Librem Mini, had a look where the wireless module would go (underneath the SSD)… I think I booted maybe three times. So this Librem Mini is in a very good condition.

The pastic parts on both sides have slight scratches. These scratches where there when I received my Librem Mini. You can see those scratches on one of the pictures.

8 GB RAM, 250 GB M.2 SSD. There’s no wirless module installed (so no Wi-Fi and no Bluetooth).

Price: 600 €

Shipping to all countries of the EU.

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