Librem One Concerns

Well, you’re just making public waves in the community, needlessly making Purism look bad.
If you really care, you could’ve just used the official support/feedback channels (e.g. mail) and ask.
Or you could realize that such an inquiry just adds to their currently undoubtful high workload, go ahead and just create a defect report, and get your answer within 6 hours.
I did that for you.
You’re welcome.


Thx for answering. As far as I can see it more a problem of sending emails than receiving them. I am not an email specialist, but I guess catch all email addresses are quite common. You configure an email like "" and than you receive all mails for that domain (possibly running into spam issues). You can give away individual email addresses without configuring specifically.

As far as I know for sending mails through your provider’s SMTP server it is common that the sender address must be explicitly configured first, which may be limited in number by contract. I think that is to prohibit sending out spam.
The alternative is to configure the SMTP server as relay. Than it forwards mails from unknown addresses or domains. Unfortunately not every provider offers that service.

Maybe that would be a long term feature request. I will leave it for now and stay tuned.


I have just one concern. What logs do the purism store? What information will be accessible to legal authorities, if they want to look at the logs?

I understand, that the communication in Librem Chat and Librem Mail is E2E, so they can’t read the content. But what about the addresses?

The same question about the VPN, can they get addresses you accessed through it? Is this information stored?

What about the Librem Files and Librem Backup? Will this be encrypted and not accessible by the Purism or will the Purism have key on server side?

It will be nice if Librem One had zero log policy, but I’m not sure if Purism will have this.

Self owned domains is a key feature and I am sure many “power users” have them with their favorite “big” services, whether it is Gmail, Yandex or Protonmail and others.
I don’t see people (like me) who had my domain and address for over a decade, having to switch now to is a huge “meh” for the entire set of services, same goes for XMPP. As for VPN I’m
sure everyone found their own provider where they are aware of all pros and cons (available locations, protocols, price etc).

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The librem one bundle is aiming at the average Joe and not the power user who hosts these services by himself. The main problem of services like matrix, XMPP, mastodon et al. is the ‘high’ entry barrier for non-technical users. Purism wants to solve this with their librem one where you have one login for all these services All you have to do is enter your user name and password.
On the other hand it is also a convenient offering for (technical) users who don’t want to invest their spare time into administrating multiple servers. I am happy to pay $8 a month so I don’t have to hassle with a matrix server.

On the other hand, I think I heard own domain names are on the to do list as well.


This! I’ll shamlessly quote you to every geek who thinks this stuff is not geeky enough for true geeks and concludes this is merely a shameless rebranding of the works of others.

Yes, Purism is doing a good job and offering a product we’ve been waiting for for a long time, though, the concerns are real, and we have the right to ask questions, not to declare themselves their own lawyers, nor to answer these concerns for them. They have to answer, not us.

Nor does it mean that I am supposed to know their workload, all their communication channels, or the duration of their feedback (you seem well informed about all this, especially the 6 hours).

However, I appreciate your point of view and the issue you have opened on their git, this is true this is the way to proceed, I thank you for that.

But you didn’t ask THEM, you asked the community.

I tend to evaluate information thoroughly. There are timestamps in the link i provided. :yum:

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Take a gander at these two blog posts. They were both posted on May 1st.

How Purism Works Upstream and Gives Back

Opt-IN, No Ads, and No Tracking Solve a Lot of Problems in Society

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I was just looking over the Librem One page again and noticed that Calendar is absent.

Can calendar sync be added as one of the milestones? It would be very helpful! Before our move away from iCloud, the shared family calendar was great for keeping up with everything. It would be great to have that kind of convenience again. :slight_smile: