Librem5: encryption, keyboard & power

I pledged for one of those prommising phones. But I have some questions.

A) If i am allowed to install the distro of my choice, I am bound to screw up, now and then and system will not boot properly, leaving me in something like an initramfs mode. Will I still have an onscreenkeyboard? Or do I need to connect a physical one? If so, will you provide a good solution, frigging small keyboard that I can carry around as extra?

B) What about full disk encryption and password entry for it. I am used to luks/cyptroot setups where you enter the key during boot and I dearly hope this will be supported with some kind of onscreenkeyboard. And don’t confuse this with the lockscreenpassword, which would be a different password. I talk about a on boot only password.

C) What is your plan on power consumption. Android and iOS did go some length to provide straightjacket api to apps the make sure they are power usage aware, as well as present you some kind of stats to find power suckers.
I fear if we have standard Linux on a phone it will be empty in 2-3 hours.

So what are your plans on this? Would love to know.


As mentioned in a side topic (How about a real hardware keyboard for the phone?) I think a physical keyboard, that is a part of a smartphone case, is a good compromise.

I doubt this is feasable. Not that I object to it.
So no official statement to any of my questions?


I think that (as a part of the phone sale), that the design should include a case/keyboard. I think they use bluetooth but I’m not sure if when someone uses full encryption that the drivers for bluetooth (and allowing the “attached keyboard” to work) would load and function before “logging in”.

+1 for pledging :wink:

a) well… why would you mess with the distro without having a keyboard near?
b) As drivers are part of the kernel, touch input (for on-screen keyboard) should be possible
    @daniel.fairhaven: same for bluetooth
c) Energy consumpion of the plain base system (kernel, daemons) should already be okay. Also, if Plasma Mobile is choosen, they also seem to really care about this. See my other post: