Librem5-goodies not found

I can’t install librem5-goodies as described in the Wiki with sudo apt install librem5-goodies, it says ‘not found’. Any hints?

Did you sudo apt update first?

I see that apt search goodies returns a bunch of applications, one of which is librem5-goodies, from the amber-phone repo.

Are the included sripts perhaps installed on your phone as separate apps already?

  • Contacts importer
  • Screen Shot
  • Scale the Screen

Or are you maybe already on Byzantium?

apt search goodies | grep librem does not show anything. The mentioned apps I do not see installed. And yes, I did sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade before as described in the Wiki.

About Byzantium, how could I check this?

In the Software store app, click the “hamburger” menu and then “Software Repositories” to see what’s installed.

You can also find the package here:

Not sure why it doesn’t appear in your search.

0 applications installed
Byzantium security (main)
0 applications installed
Byzantium updates (main)
0 applications installed

Maybe their functionalities are already incorporated into other applications…? Check Contacts for an import option, for instance.


librem5-goodies isn’t available in byzantium yet - there are some dependencies to bring over first.


OK, but how could I load contacts? Is the possible with evolution like in the Ubuntu:

11. Import and export of Contacts

    Contacts can be imported from vCard files:

    $ syncevolution --import test.vcf backend=evolution-contacts
    #0: pas-id-552B785D00000008

    see also:

    If you have many vcf files, put them in a directory and pass the directory name as
    the --import argument.

syncevolution is exactly the missing dependency we’re working on bringing back to byzantium:

Wouldn’t it be better to ship the librem5-goodies as separate packages? At the moment, I would like to be able to make screenshots. I have no need for Contacts importer, because I use Nextcloud.


For everyone looking for a quick workaround this issue check this post:

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Separating the scripts would mean creating and maintaining deb packages for all of them. This package was created as a place to put temporary helper bash scripts in one place to make it simpler to maintain.

If all goes well the package librem5-goodies should be in byzantium in less than 2 weeks.

Until then, if you really want, you can download these files:

move them to the respective directories and install grim to have the screenshot script.

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The package librem5-goodies is now in the landing repository. Meaning that in the next 6 days it should be available in PureOS Byzantium.

The new version includes:

  • contacts importer script
  • screenshot script
  • an app to make recordings of the librem 5 screen

The scale the screen script was removed because phosh now supports scaling the screen from: Settings > Displays (no need to have a script for it if it is supported).


Thanks a lot to put back syncevolution because it’s essential in order to syncrhonized my CardDav adressbook and CalDav calendars from my Synology NAS server.

syncevolution and librem5-goodies are now in PureOS Byzantium.


FYI, I see it with apt-get, but not in the software store app.

this is a bug, thanks for reporting