Live boot pureOS failure on apple laptop

Using a 2013 mac and tried over 3 usbs and 2 different versions of pureos with the one from the website and a torrent alternative I found but when I use etcher (and tried refus) and enter boot options, the usb doesn’t show up as a boot option. My laptop works with running tails and other OSs but it just seems like pureos is just a bit broken. Halp.

why not simply use PureOS in a VM if you’re on Apple-hw ? you don’t seem to have a lot of experience with this stuff so why are you making it so hard on yourself ?

why not go for Debian-Stable or Ubuntu LTS or Linux-Mint or any-other non UEFI limited GNU/Linux distro ? >

If you still have OS 10 on your Apple. You might be able to plug in the linux loaded flash drive before shutting down OS 10 and both see if the Apple sees it has a boot on the flash drive and choose the flash drive as your next place to boot. I paid for VMware for Mac with an earlier version of OS 10 and it worked extremely well. But the basic OS facing the internet is still Mac OS 10.

I have tried the Pure OS on a mid 2009 Mac Book Pro. Of course the Ethernet works. Getting the Broadcom Wireless to work. I have not gotten around that. The most likely advice to get a Broadcom Wireless module to work is on the Puppy Linux forum from the developer of Fat Dog. In fact I think I saw a topic exactly on how to get Broadcom Wireless working if I start his latest distro of Fat Dog. If you do get your Broadcom wireless working. Please post back here and tell me exactly what worked.

Well that was just plain rude. Found this which is far more helpful than you straight up telling me to go for ubuntu or mint. PureOS ISO (USB) unavailable for boot (EFI) on Mac OS X . I wasn’t aware the OS wasn’t UEFI compatible. I don’t understand why you had to be so aggressive. We are literally just having a conversation.

I was planning to have a solution for wifi with a usb wifi option and already have ethernet available with an adapter if it doesn’t work for some reason. I got a mesh network of routers in my home so it wouldn’t be too difficult to ethernet up anyway. My laptop has far too weak specs to run as a vm at decent quality. God damn apple. Switching as soon as possible. Was considering purism but the hardware is pretty good on their devices though I hear some complaintes hear and there about really large issues like just not booting coming up and having to reconnect the battery cable and a bunch of other stuff. Also it looks a bit plain which I am fine with but also just looks very cheap and bad for the price they are asking for but that’s just my opinion. Ok I’m going to stop rambling now. I want to wipe my laptop and install pureOS. Would like information on how I could do that. Thanks in advance.

I find it interesting that suggesting Ubuntu is considered aggressive behavior around here. :slight_smile:

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Eh." you don’t seem to have a lot of experience with this stuff so why are you making it so hard on yourself ?" Because I want pureos and this is therefore my goal. I’ve not dealt with non uefi OS’s on my mac laptop but he doesn’t even give support but instead suggests other OS’s.

I apologize. Sometimes on the internet our statements sound meaner than intended.
I tried to explain the problems, beyond getting the USB to boot up, that I found. Obviously you have a lot more hardware options than I. I am 70 and on Social Security, so . Enough said. I apologize.

What I know is that I once had problems with the Pure OS not starting on some of my hardware. More likely that had something to do with the way I put Pure OS on the USB key. As I said, I now have the Pure OS installed to my 17" MBP. Since this one has DVD drive built in, I might have used that to install the Pure OS, which straight away installed. I also had problem getting the latest Debian to install, so I used the DVD drive. I had the one problem with Debian that I have with Pure. I feel I can resolve the problem with the Broadcom Wireless Module, if I spend more time, and if it would certainly be easier with an internet connection.

I can say, that to get all the potential options of which boot items might be available for the MBP, I had to hold the options key down for over two minutes. Took a long time to populate all the boot options. One of the reasons I went to DVD drive to start Pure, It starts as a live version of Pure. Not sure if your problems have to do with EFI. But I do have an older laptop, a different firmware.

Have fun.

yeah i was trying very hard to be non aggressive … recommending non-free distros on the Purism forums is borderline trolling :sweat_smile:

but yeah if @user1 wants to learn hacking an Apple machine … that’s not the worst thing … perhaps a little too proprietary to be worth breaking THAT wall …

Alright. Well this thread was fun :slight_smile:
Just got arch on it instead because that worked pretty well and thought it would be better to keep on same distro for my machines. I guess thanks? lel