Live OS Password

I was testing Pure OS on Oracle Virtual Box and then after some minutes it locked due to no activity.
What is the password to unlock it? I didn’t find this info anywhere, thanks!

Try with “live”, IIRC that’s the password.

That’s it, thanks for the reply!

I am interested in Pureism notebooks and want to try PureOS. Both the usernaame and the password of the live cd aren’t documented in the installation documentation.

Thanks for sharing the password. What’s the username?

It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with this, but I think the username is either “live” or “liveuser”

Tried both of them but doesn’t work on the latest iso.

I am a bit surprised that I can’t find it in the forum and the documentation… This should be really obvious.

Doesn’t work on the latest iso. Where is this username and password documented for new users

By trial and error I found
Username: pureos
Password: live

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I try to install PureOS as a Virtualbox
It’s amazing and not to reassuring that the default login/username/password is not documented in a straight foward manner, very unprofessional.

In any case when I tried the above User: pureos
and hit: my return key, the live window freaked out flashing and cycled back to the user: input blank

Did it several times, same freak out cycle

So I tried pressing the button instead of hitting the Return Key and it worked.

Again, very sloppy unprofessional design flaw, the Return Key should have pressed the enter button but did not.

Makes me wonder how ‘secure’ PureOS is if it can’t get the ‘little things’ correct.

“Don’t sweat the little things”

Hey, it’s all Little Things