Mini-HDMI and USB-C connectors

Those two connectors are really close to each other. I tried different cables and adapters but I did not found something that permit me to plug the two simultaneously.

Am I the only one with that problem ? What are the solution you’ve found ?

I’ve got tight connectors too! It looks like I could shave a little off the cable sleeves to get them to fit without stressing the receptacles, but that seems a little extreme.

I finally found an old hdmi/mini-hdmi cable that I shaved with a knife so it now fits side by side of the usb-c cable (which is good quality so I really not wanted to touch it).

For a more long term solution, I ordered a usb-c docking with multiple usb 3 for keyboard/mouse and also with a HDMI output. I will see if it works.

@fredprsm So did it work?

The cable works but for the USB-C Docking, it’s more complicated. The power passthrough works ok but the hdmi and network on the docking does not. I’ve start looking into what is missing but I don’t have much time (and knowledge) so it is slow going.

So, for now, finding a cable that fits or can be shimed is the easiest way.

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