More creepiness from Amazon

… if they get caught.

Even then do they get away with arguing that it was a bug and not an intentional failure of the setting? :slight_smile: (which could of course be genuinely true)

The safest option is not to buy the device in the first place.

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[quote=“Eyegore, post:19, topic:13593”]
intention of deceit

What is deceptive about anouncing to the world what you’re doing, emailing your customers, and advertising on your website what you’re doing?[/quote]

How many people have knew or predicted their Amazon devices would be sharing network with neighbors before they brought them? Then now, Amazon has announced how or what their devices would be doing after the customers already have brought them. I’d bet there are a lot more to their devices than what they just announced. So why many of their customers are now shocked and we are not?

My relatives who have those devices did not know, plus many others. No idea if Amazon has sent them emails that they didn’t read it but I rather not lecture them on FAAMG corporations’ corruption behaviors. I just give them basic updates, nothing too deep, let themselves dig into if they’re bothered by whatever. To me, they’re like frogs sinking into gradually boiling water anyway. Indeed, we do need to have opt in and out law.

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Even if they do send or ask customers, who use their devices/services, about opt out thru email likely use Gmail, Yahoo, or whatever that’s free, have received so many spams that tend to be ignored or skipped because they got tired of reading them or thinking they ain’t important. Maybe their emails were moved into spam box by their services. That’s how those companies work, it’s like mind games, hoping you don’t get to see it but their sent email is already recorded. This is why I have so few subscribes, keeping my inbox and spam box minimum as possible for my hushmail email account which I’ve been paying and using for years. I only get spams from Asus in China language once every few weeks to a couple months about wanting me to sign up their cloud service. Next motherboard I will get ain’t gonna be Asus.

Just saw this:
It’s a pretty good summary of Sidewalk …
Very clever, I must say.