mPLS8-US modem for Librem 5

As best I can tell, Purism isn’t selling PLS8-US modems for the Librem 5 or Librem 5 USA. That said, as best I can tell from my reading, the PLS8-US is supposed to support VoLTE, which is becoming a necessity for phone carriers in the USA. After some searching online, I found the following card that would appear to be what would work in the Librem 5, but I can’t figure out why the details say its “voice support” is “data only.”

I found this website that appears to sell this card, but I would only want to purchase it if it really did VoLTE calling:

Anybody else have any insight as to whether this mPLS8-US would work in the Librem 5 with VoLTE calling?

If you could fit it into the Librem 5, it would likely work. However, it’s a mPCIe card, not a M.2 card, so you’ll likely have a hard time with that (unless you’re fine with some adapters sticking out of the back of your phone :wink: )


Well, there’s that. :joy: Thanks for the clarification.

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