Multiple DE with selection at login screen

I was wondering if I can run multiple DEs with selection at login screen (like normal desktop)
Or if I can replace phosh login screen with any other login greeter.



Yes, it is possible - I recall Fedora builds for the PinePhone shipping with a themed LightDM (that then looked similar to the Phosh lock screen). I personally briefly played with gdm, for a similar usecase, but it am not sure which release it was.
IIRC, systemd starts Phosh on PureOS, so you would have to disable that service and enable another service.

Sorry for not being able to provide more precise information, but I am getting old and these experiments were over a year ago :slight_smile:


Thanks that gave me a thing to search for.
I found I will try it.
I need to figure out what is meta package to install gnome UI (gnome-shell or gnome-session ?)

ok so following is needed:
edit /lib/systemd/system/gdm3.service
and add


Without this gdm service can’t be enabled

After that disable phosh
sudo systemctl disable phosh.service
Enable gdm3
sudo systemctl enable gdm3.service

Now at startup there is option to pick a session (I can pick gnome and phosh).

However I still don’t know what is name of meta package for gnome-mobile or if it is even available in pureOS repo.


[With recent update gdm3.service doesn’t work, need to revert back to phosh.service]
When phone boots to black screen, ssh can still work.

There was a gdm update, but it didn’t really change anything that would be relevant here, so I guess your local changes have simply been overwritten by the new package.

You can prevent that from happening in the future by using sudo systemctl edit gdm3.service instead of modifying the file directly.

Not much reason to use gdm3.service at this point so I can just live it with phosh.
mobile related patches are not upstream to gnome package yet (I guess).
But I’ll keep that in mind and edit the file without enabling service (in case I need it in future)