My new project: Raspberry Pi Zero W + Pi Camera "security" cam

εὕρηκα! I found a way to get a live stream in Bullseye:

Run this on the Pi:
libcamera-vid -t 0 --inline --listen -o tcp:// -n

and open a network stream in VLC at:


Instant live video.

And it only took a month of trawling the internet. (That’s sarcasm.)

Now I’m ready for the onslaught of electoral campaign door-knockers later this year. :sunglasses:


Just in case it might help someone out there…

I had been wondering why my Pi Camera V2.1’s Sony 8-megapixel lens, which is supposedly set to a fixed infinity focus at the factory, was producing slightly blurry images of my target area.

I happened to read on some blog that the initial run of the V2.1 was not set to the same focal length, and that this little plastic ring, which is included in the box with the camera - but which comes with no guide or explanation whatsoever - is actually a focal adjustment tool:

(shown beside a common disk battery, for size comparison)

Underside, magnified through a loupe; note the notches in the inner ring, which align to the tiny tabs around the outside of the camera lens:

So I placed it over the lens, gave it a short, counterclockwise twist, and the image focus was greatly improved. (It’s trial and error, I’m afraid. Adjust, check image, adjust…)


(Good way to repurpose an old Android device, too.)