[MyL5] L5 first impressions

Hallo Sebastian Spaeth,
if you live in europe, could you please so kind to add your post here, too.


Hy @StevenR i am working on a dockingstation for Desk use in 3d printing with protection of the USB cable,please be a little patient, perhaps next week i can give design
lg wilfried

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Did you rate your experiences here?

No, I already had to enter my shipping dates in at least 3 different threads and still have to enter my reception experiences in 2 other threads/wikis, so I kind of feel I should not add my stuff everywhere. And – no offense intended – I don’t think a single, simple 10-point Likert scale is a good measure of rating my experience with Purism from a customer point of view, I have offered my opinions way more fine grained in various threads here over the years.